Saturday, 15 June 2013

Necrogrinder - The Bunty Man

UKEM Records 2013
1.Intro 2.Compostmortem 3.Bummed By The Binmen 4.Vegatable Soup
5.Suffolkated 6.Banger Pigshead 7.Creepy Crawly 8.Flay And Display
9.Chainsaw Brainsore 10.Handicap Handjob
Review courtesy of Luke Hayhurst (Destructive Music)
  I first came across Necrogrinder (Not literally) when they played The Royal Park Cellers in Leeds. What a line up that gig had, new boys Masochist, and destructive Music’s own Merciless Terror and Warlord UK. You couldn’t not like Necrogrinder, friendly off of stage and brutal… well off of stage as during their set I don’t think any of them stepped foot on it and the vocalist freely roamed the room. You also couldn’t argue with tracks such as “Bummed by the Binmen” or “Penal Colada” from their debut “Mangled Fetus Insertion” as they provided you with more than a few laughs and a never ending stream of sickness. Now Sheffield’s finest have returned with their debut album being released through UKEM Records, say hello… to “The Bunty Man”.Featuring a short horror film audio clip as an intro which explains what a Necrogrinder is, the band then kick things off in a seriously brutal way with “Compostmortem”. Fast explosive drumming combines well with the vicious guitar play and fearsome growled, sometimes squealed vocals. Making a triumphant return and featuring an audio clip from one of my all time favourite comedies
“The League of Gentleman”, Necrogrinder bash through “Bummed by the Binmen” in a horrendously savage and colossal way. High quality hilarity, many pig squeals and sadistic batterings follow before tailing off into another re-recorded classic “Vegetable Soup” which I’m sure is “League of Gentleman” inspired too! Catchy, swift and thoroughly devoid of remorse, tact or subtlety, this album is already shaping up to be one of the better brutal death/grind records of the year! Despite the bands generally fast sporadic sound they do at times plunge things into a deep slow abyss of crushing guitar riffs, apocalyptic drumming and maniacal vocals, the contrast is epic and does wonder for the albums overall feel. A hilarious play on words leads us to “Suffolkated” which i presume re-hashes the story of the man who killed prostitutes in Ipswich before “Banger Pigshead” slams you face first with a gore soaked iron fast! Fast, hard, fucked up! One of the more sensibly named tracks is “Creepy Crawly” but despite the ordinary name the song is just as venomous as it’s predecessors. Another play on words, “Flay & Display” keeps the intensity moving steadily whilst “Chainsaw Brainsore” from the previous release is given an even more brutal make over and stands out as one of the heavier tracks from the album, and that is quite an achievement. “Handicap Handjob” brings this rotten vile affair to an end and that’s a shame because i could listen to Necrogrinder all night. I guess that’s why there is such a thing as repeat play!
9 Out of 10
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