Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Morlich - Tempest

Self Released 2014
1.Decay 2.Crownless 3.Tempest 4.The Waters Lament
Scottish black metal band Morlich have unleashed a brand new four track e.p  that they are hoping to have released soon. Opening track ‘Decay’ begins life in very grandiose fashion, synths being at the forefront of the band’s sound. Initially comparisons can be drawn from more established UK acts, the likes of Cradle of Filth, Hecate Enthroned and even Bal Sagoth spring to mind, but as the songs progress then the more in-depth they become and the more the band develop their own unique sound. Each song does rely heavily on the atmosphere and eeriness of the synths, and ‘Crownless’ really highlights the fact. That’s in no way a criticism as the guitars and vocals really build on these atmospheres and help to make each track very unique in its own right whilst also binding the four songs into one recognisable sound that the band has obviously worked very hard to achieve. Following on and ‘Tempest’ further establishes the bands Harsh and melancholic atmospheres and if anything is slightly more melodic in delivery, mainly due to the song breaking into a short keyboard interlude. Tempo wise, we are treated to slow and mid-paced throughout the majority of all four songs. The band does flirt with slightly faster tempos, but in all honesty the slower pace really suits the grandiose and majestic sounds the bands are crafting. Closing proceedings is ‘The Waters Lament’ which once again shows off the mournful atmospheres superbly, the keyboards again at the forefront on the band’s sound. It’s an extremely epic way to end this e.p., the synths enveloping the listener in almost morbidly pompous fashion. No need for guitars, drums or vocals, the keyboards finish things off perfectly. Morlich has created an extremely effective black metal e.p full of harsh atmospheres and emotions which really does grab your attention from the outset. Many an hour has obviously been spent in the practice room as the whole release is extremely well played, sounding tight, fresh and extremely professional. If you haven’t heard this band before, they really are worth checking out. The band is currently looking for a label to release this on and their wait shouldn’t be too long based on what is heard here! Keyboard heavy atmospheric black metal with a real uniqueness, ‘Tempest’ comes very highly recommended.
8 Out Of 10
Band Page: Here