Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Scatorgy - Scatorgy

New Standard Elite 2013
1.Introcorruption 2.Smothered 3.Feast 4.Coagulation 5.Degeneracy
6.Defecation 7.Congenitals 8.Suppuration 9.The Cessation
“Faecal Obsessed Violent Rage Fuelled Racket” is how the band describes themselves and as ‘Introcorruption’ opens up we gleefully await the forthcoming onslaught and with this ‘intro’ only being 0:59 it’s not long before the horror is unleashed in ‘Smothered’. Brutal, slamming ultra-guttural death metal is the order of the day. It’s an absolutely monstrous sound, when the guitars are at their slowest (slam infested) their heaviness really comes to the fore, the production on them is massively heavy and brutal. Switching from all out blast heavy sections down to these slam orientated passages makes for really great and memorable songs. James’ vocal delivery is outstanding with great range, utterly unintelligible but that’s how it fucking should be – brilliant! ‘Feast’ begins at breakneck pace in a dizzying haze of blast beats and manic guitar work. It’s actually quite hard to keep up with the song it’s that fast, but again, that’s how brutal death metal should be; constantly pushing the boundaries to the extreme, which Scatorgy appear to be doing with great ease. Following on is ‘Coagulate’ which is another monster of a song, blasting from start to finish. It’s amazingly catchy as well, the riffing extremely memorable for such brutal death metal. There are hints of ‘Disgorge (USA)’ to the band’s sound here, both musically and vocally which for most fans of brutal death metal will be an appealing comparison.
'Degeneracy’ follows on seamlessly and there’s no let-up in the punishing brutality at all. Frantic, frenzied and monstrous all words perfectly suited to describe the band here, it’s beyond relentless on all points. Given no time to ‘take in’ the previous track, ‘Defecation’ blasts forth with more shit obsessed ultra-blasting heavy death metal. The catchiness seen in some of the earlier tracks has been re-introduced via some of the slower slam orientated guitar work and it really gets the head nodding! ‘Congenitals’ also mixes paces very well, switching effortlessly from the slower and heavier death metal style through to the lighting speed, blast beat infested sections and the same could also be said of ‘Suppuration’ which follows on in similar fashion. Vocally, there’s a Goregrind style on show but as with the rest of the album, James has mixed his vocally delivery extremely well and offers up everything you want from a death metal vocalist and it’s not really that important what he’s saying, it’s how he’s saying it (to quote a well-respected record store over from Florida!) Ending this shit obsessed album is ‘The Cessation’ which is more of an ‘outro’ really but which ends the whole CD perfectly and brutally! Quite a short review, but then again, this is quite a short CD, clocking in with nine tracks at twenty minutes. There’s no need for a massively in-depth review or dissection of the music on offer. All that you really need to know is that Scatorgy have produced an absolutely monstrous slab on brutal death metal played at speeds that most bands can only dream of attaining, it’s beyond brutal. A lot of words have been used within this review to describe the songs, but once again, punishing, frantic, frenzied and utterly brutal best describe everything offered up. I have no apprehension in saying that I think this is one of the best death metal releases ( I have heard to date) from a UK band this year, if not THE best, it really is that outstanding and obviously comes very highly recommended – enjoy the poo!
9 out of 10
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Laceration - Severing The Divine Iniquity

New Standard Elite 2013
1.Hideous Suffering Within The Forsaken Dimensions 2.Enlightened Through Introspection
3.Beheading The Prophets Of Hope 4.Spewing Venomous Supremacy
5.Neuroleptic Malignancy 6.Severing The Divine Iniquity
7.Throne Of Repulsive Torment 8.Flesh Sculpted Atrocity
9.Abhorrent Remnants Of The Defied Being
Debut full length album from one man death metal machine Laceration was highly anticipated in the underground after some very successful self-releases and label compilations (Tortured Inauguration). Opening up the album is ‘Hideous Suffering Within The Forsaken Dimensions’ which actually begins life quite tamely, allowing a tension to be built before all hell breaks loose in a mass of technical riffing and blasting drums. When Hamish and Co blast, they blast! Tom Walker (Scatorgy) was recruited to drum on this album and it was definitely a good decision, his talents behind the kit definitely complementing Hamish’s technical and precise guitar work perfectly. ‘Enlightened Through Introspection’ is a monstrous affair, blasting open in a pummelling barrage of blast beats and heavy and technical guitar work. Slam 'breaks' are introduced into the track and really work well in amongst the manic sections, breaking the song up extremely well, giving the listener short respite before the ultra-blasting passages let loose once again. ‘Behead The Prophets Of Hope’ continues on in a similar theme, blasting from start to finish with some slam orientated sections again used to break the track up well.The slower slamming heavy death metal really sucks the air from your lungs, plunging into a deep low end pit of nastiness.
‘Spewing Venomous Supremacy’ appears to even more brutal than the previous track (if that is possible!!); it’s an absolute mind-fuck of insanely fast drumming (read gravity blasts), overtly technical guitar work and an ultra-guttural vocal delivery straight from the belly of the beast. As with the previous tracks, the song structure used is very similar, but is working very well so there’s no reason to really scrutinise the continued use – it works and works well. ‘Neuroleptic Malignancy’ begins life slightly differently, a slight melodic edge to the opening riffs, but only slight and 'normal service' is resumed as yet another barrage of brutal death metal is again unleashed. As the track draws to a close the pace is dropped right down and the melodic riffs heard at the beginning of the track are re-introduced and work really well to end the song on. Hamish’s guttural vocals working really well against the backdrop of the more melodic guitar work. Title track ‘Severing The Divine Iniquity’ is another beast of a track, an absolute whirlwind of technical and brutal death metal played and lightning speeds throughout most of its entirety.  Even when the track does slow down, it’s not for long – a fitting title track indeed! ‘Throne Of Repulsive Torment’ serves up more of what has been served up previously.  Blast isn’t really enough to describe the faster sections, they take on an absolutely crazed feel, but an extremely controlled feel and sound which definitely prevents the songs from becoming muddied in a haze of raging drums and guitars and it is definitely testament to these guys’ abilities on their chosen instruments.
‘Flesh Sculpted Atrocity’ is another older song, but fits in perfectly on the album and shows competent and consistent song writing, which is what you would expect really! ‘Abhorrent Remnants Of The Defiled Being’ closes proceedings and it would appear the best has been left til last. Not sure what has happened, but this song sounds so tight, so together and a real step up (not that the previous tracks weren’t tight or together). It’s a massive song to end things on; paces once again varied from the barrage of blasts down the horrendous slimy crawl and slam tinged slower sections. Vocally it’s as brutal as you are likely to hear on any brutal death metal album. Hamish has worked very hard to get where he is today and all the hard work has definitely paid off. With the studio line up being completed by Chris Ryan (Party Cannon – Iniquitous Savagery) on bass, Hamish has managed to produce an absolute monster of an album that is packed full of songs that ooze everything you want from brutal death metal – blasting drums, raging guitar work, ultra-guttural vocals all played with a technical efficiency that sounds flawless. Hamish’s song writing and playing has taken on a more technical sound than his previous release, but this shows a man improving, learning and absolutely slaying on his guitar and in his song writing and composition/song structuring. If you don’t own a copy of this album, then you’re missing out as it is one of the most brutal releases to come out of the UK in some time and comes very highly recommended.
8.5 Out of 10
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