Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Scatorgy - Scatorgy

New Standard Elite 2013
1.Introcorruption 2.Smothered 3.Feast 4.Coagulation 5.Degeneracy
6.Defecation 7.Congenitals 8.Suppuration 9.The Cessation
“Faecal Obsessed Violent Rage Fuelled Racket” is how the band describes themselves and as ‘Introcorruption’ opens up we gleefully await the forthcoming onslaught and with this ‘intro’ only being 0:59 it’s not long before the horror is unleashed in ‘Smothered’. Brutal, slamming ultra-guttural death metal is the order of the day. It’s an absolutely monstrous sound, when the guitars are at their slowest (slam infested) their heaviness really comes to the fore, the production on them is massively heavy and brutal. Switching from all out blast heavy sections down to these slam orientated passages makes for really great and memorable songs. James’ vocal delivery is outstanding with great range, utterly unintelligible but that’s how it fucking should be – brilliant! ‘Feast’ begins at breakneck pace in a dizzying haze of blast beats and manic guitar work. It’s actually quite hard to keep up with the song it’s that fast, but again, that’s how brutal death metal should be; constantly pushing the boundaries to the extreme, which Scatorgy appear to be doing with great ease. Following on is ‘Coagulate’ which is another monster of a song, blasting from start to finish. It’s amazingly catchy as well, the riffing extremely memorable for such brutal death metal. There are hints of ‘Disgorge (USA)’ to the band’s sound here, both musically and vocally which for most fans of brutal death metal will be an appealing comparison.
'Degeneracy’ follows on seamlessly and there’s no let-up in the punishing brutality at all. Frantic, frenzied and monstrous all words perfectly suited to describe the band here, it’s beyond relentless on all points. Given no time to ‘take in’ the previous track, ‘Defecation’ blasts forth with more shit obsessed ultra-blasting heavy death metal. The catchiness seen in some of the earlier tracks has been re-introduced via some of the slower slam orientated guitar work and it really gets the head nodding! ‘Congenitals’ also mixes paces very well, switching effortlessly from the slower and heavier death metal style through to the lighting speed, blast beat infested sections and the same could also be said of ‘Suppuration’ which follows on in similar fashion. Vocally, there’s a Goregrind style on show but as with the rest of the album, James has mixed his vocally delivery extremely well and offers up everything you want from a death metal vocalist and it’s not really that important what he’s saying, it’s how he’s saying it (to quote a well-respected record store over from Florida!) Ending this shit obsessed album is ‘The Cessation’ which is more of an ‘outro’ really but which ends the whole CD perfectly and brutally! Quite a short review, but then again, this is quite a short CD, clocking in with nine tracks at twenty minutes. There’s no need for a massively in-depth review or dissection of the music on offer. All that you really need to know is that Scatorgy have produced an absolutely monstrous slab on brutal death metal played at speeds that most bands can only dream of attaining, it’s beyond brutal. A lot of words have been used within this review to describe the songs, but once again, punishing, frantic, frenzied and utterly brutal best describe everything offered up. I have no apprehension in saying that I think this is one of the best death metal releases ( I have heard to date) from a UK band this year, if not THE best, it really is that outstanding and obviously comes very highly recommended – enjoy the poo!
9 out of 10
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