Monday, 26 August 2013

Cacodaemonic - Forever Devouring The Righteous

Self Released 2013
1.Holy Maggot 2.Forever Devouring The Righteous
3.Next Generation Heretic 4.Infernal Requiem
Second e.p. from Nottingham’s Cacodaemonic does not hold back at all the instant ‘Holy Maggot’ spews forth its brutally tight form of blackened death metal. The pace is absolutely frantic; blast beats prevalent throughout much of the track, giving this opener an unbelievably deadly punch. Musically, the guitars are varied, at times having that ‘Egyptian’ influence to them and sounding very similar to Nile. There’s also quite a heavy European influence on display, a touch of Behemoth maybe. It’s a great introduction to the band if you haven’t had the pleasure of sampling their brutality. ‘Forever Devouring The Righteous’ offers up more of the same, the pace of the track once again at full throttle. The song does break into slower sections where guitar solos are introduced which give an almost epic feel in places. There’s also a ‘darker’ sound to the guitars, giving the song a much more menacing atmosphere.
Next up is ‘Next Generation Heretic’ which tones things down slightly, a much more mid-paced affair that sounds slightly different to the two previous tracks, mainly due to the drop in tempos. The menacing blackened death metal is still on full show, just at a slightly slower pace, which adds variation to the release overall and shows that the band are able to mix things up and write a catchy and memorable tune. It’s the longest track on the e.p. which gives it plenty of scope to repeat the catchy chorus lines. Final track ‘Infernal Requiem’ returns to the blast beat laden frenzy heard in the first two tracks. Again, there is no let-up in the pace and when the machine gun like double kick drums burst open thunderously it has an amazingly massive sound, really thumping at the chest. Comparisons to Nile and Behemoth are even more relevant here, it’s probably as brutal as the band have sounded so far and makes for an excellent finish to this short, sharp slab of extreme blackened death metal. The band are really pushing the extremities of death metal here with their latest release and it showcases a band that have found a sound they are comfortable with but that want to push that sound to the absolute limits. All four tracks are sharp, monstrous and utterly punishing, even when the tempos are dropped (which isn’t that often). Four tracks of extreme blackened death metal that absolutely pummels the listener into the ground, this comes well recommended.
7.5 Out of 10
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sidious - Ascension To The Throne Ov Self

Kaotoxin Records 2013
1.Insurmountable Mass 2.Sentient Race 3.Nihilistic Regeneration
4.Ascension To The Throne Ov Self
The Debut e.p. from London based black/death metallers Sidious begins in extremely grandiose fashion, the momentum to opener ‘ Insurmountable Mass’ is being built slowly before unleashing an absolute hell storm of blackened brutality. The precision and technical excellence on display is absolute first rate. Imagine Zyklon meets Dimmu Borgir and you get the idea where this five piece are coming from. When the band blasts they do so brilliantly, raging in a torrent of devilish hate. The song does utilise keyboards effectively, comparisons to Dimmu are once again immediate, but that shouldn’t detract from the bands technical excellence and originality. A brutally superb opener! ‘Sentient Rose’ begins where the opening track left off, beginning once again in an absolute brutal rage, the backdrop of the keyboards holding subtly in the background, with no fear of drowning out the rest of the music as can so often be the case with symphonic influenced extreme metal. Vocally, Tom remains rooted firmly in the ‘guttural death metal’ style which really adds depth to the tracks and actually adds atmosphere. He does add screamed backing vocals now and again, but these are used very sparsely here.
‘Nihilistic Regeneration’ begins very differently, melodic guitars play to a backdrop of swirling wind and almost tribal like drum patterns. This doesn’t last for long however, and normal service is resumed when this third track blasts open viciously. It’s not all about the speed with this song, slower tempos are introduced which add a really sinister atmosphere to the cd. The song is broken up well between the different tempos and when  guitar melodies are added to the slower sections it sounds amazing, almost haunting – one to give you goose-bumps! Closing this short e.p. is the title track, ‘Ascension To The Throne Ov Self’ which is actually the longest track, clocking in at exactly five minutes long. This is another master class in brutal, symphonic and atmospheric blackened death metal. The band sounds utterly devastating here, blasting faster and harder than heard in the three previous tracks. The Keyboards play a greater role in this final track and are used to great effect so as to not overpower the track. As the song draws to a close, the pace is dropped to an absolute crawl; the haunting guitar melodies introduced on top of some chanting choir vocals which, again, sounds amazing and a great way to end proceedings. Sidious have introduced themselves to the extreme metal world in absolutely devastating fashion, producing a debut e.p. that highlights five musicians at the top of their game, such is the dizzyingly high standard of music on display, it’s definitely the highlight for UKEM HQ for 2013 so far. Featuring four tracks of blistering blackened death metal that is as good (if not better) as you are likely to hear anytime soon, this comes extremely highly recommended and if you don’t own a copy, you should!
9.5 Out of 10
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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kataleptic - Through The Eyes Of Carnality

Self Released 2012
1.Flesh 2.Subversion 3.Grotesk 4.Demagogue
Debut e.p. from Birmingham’s Kataleptic and opening track ‘Flesh’ pounds out from the speakers the instant the disc begins. There is a massive old school influence on display here, a putrid groove to the guitar work which adds to the dense atmosphere and overall morbid feel. No need for hyper speed blasting here, playing fast doesn’t always make a song brutal, but playing with depth, feeling and a genuine love of old school death metal can, and does in Kataleptic’s case. Think Autopsy, with a bit of Morgoth and Demigod mixed in and you’ll understand where the band sits overall in death metal terms. An excellent opening track! ‘Subversion’ introduces itself with a bit more speed added to the opening salvo of riffs which adds variety to the band’s sound. The pace is then dropped off to the more familiar morbid crawl / mid-paced fetid feast. The riffs begin to show a slight leaning towards a more Swedish death metal sound, the likes of Dismember springing to mind with maybe some Fleshcrawl (Germany – although they also sound Swedish) added in for good measure. ‘Grotesk’ is a really sharp, hard hitting song, the band sounding particularly tight here with the guitars taking on a more frenzied and technical feel whilst being accompanied brilliantly by some precise drum work. The pace is again moved up a notch, but not to the point of blasting, more a ‘fast mid-paced’ approach which is where the band sound at their deadliest. Definitely the stand out track of the e.p. so far!
Closing the e.p. is ‘Demagogue’ which begins life in great thrash tinged death metal fashion with a slight melodic edge to it. The song then suddenly breaks out in a hail of manic riffs and fast drumming but it doesn’t last for long as the groove infested death metal is returned in great style, giving the song that old school feel heard in the earlier tracks. Just as the track started, so it ends with the return of the thrash influenced and melodic riffing which is spiced up with a crazed guitar solo. There is a four second ‘surprise track’ at the end, not listed on the booklet and its four seconds of not much really. Overall, this is an absolutely cracking first e.p. and shows a band that have refined their sound over several demos to reveal what is on offer here. Their music has a really mature sound to it and is well written and structured and is a really brutal slab of old school influenced putrid death metal. Rather than just being yet another ‘polished’ death metal band full of pig squeals and break downs, this release really stands out and I expect they are a great proposition live. Morbid, festering old school influenced death metal that really packs a punch and keeps the listener engaged, this comes well recommended.
8 out of 10
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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wytchfilth - The Void Of Human Waste

Self Released 2013
1.The Six Limbed Child 2.A Drink To Malice 3.The Void Of Human Waste
4.Where Nothing Exists And Nothing Speaks
Opening track ‘The Six Limbed Child’ wastes no time in introducing itself in a gnarly haze of rancid black metal, bass heavy guitars and blasting drums showing their intentions from the outset. There really isn’t any messing about here, it’s all about blasting out some morbid and disgusting black metal. There is a slight industrial element to the band’s sound, but this is only slight and sits very comfortably behind the black metal onslaught.  As the song gains momentum, the band continues the theme exceptionally well, although this time round there is a slightly thrashy element to the guitar work. The song absolutely shreds in places and again, the drums blast unmercifully in the back ground. Vocally, it is what you would expect. Raw, harsh and screamed with a more guttural style used as back up, sounding quite similar to American filth mongers Black Witchery. The industrial element is solidified further as the song ends, industrial samples accompanied by guitars that grind the song to a sickening, morbid close. ‘A Drink To Malice’ strips the band’s sound back to the bare minimum, with the pace being dropped to a morbid crawl, the riffing used slightly discordant which only adds to the creepy atmospheres being created. The music almost drops off completely before blasting in again at pace similar to that heard in the opening song. Having heard the band utilise both slow and faster paces, it’s safe to say the band sound more comfortable and more deadly when they up the pace. There’s a harshness to their sound that really bites at you when they play fast. The song ends brilliantly, fading out at high speed whilst a movie sample fades in to take over the end of the song, sounds great!
The Void Of Human Waste’ blasts open viciously, simple guitar riffs once again accompanied by crazed and manic drumming. There’s an extremely ‘old school’ feel to this track, the thrashier element to black metal coming through. ‘Where Nothing Exists And Nothing Speaks’ is nasty, groaned, vomiting vocals spew an horrendous torrent of bile from the speakers whilst simple, hypnotic and repetitive guitars play mournfully in the background. Again, the sound has been stripped to an absolute minimum, especially when the vocals fall off and the guitars are left to their own devices. The song does begin to gather pace once the drums are introduced, but the pace is left alone, kept slow to allow the morose atmospheres to be developed. There is a last track on the cd, quite obviously untitled as its not listed on the inlay and quite obviously an ‘outro’ track as its just insanely annoying white noise nastiness, but at nearly the four minute mark, just too much, even though ‘I get it’. Overall this is a great introduction to the band. If Black Witchery, mixed with a splash (of vomit and piss) of Natterfrost is up your 'nasty black metal street', the Wytchfilth might just be for you. Nasty filth ridden black metal that blasts unmercifully and reeks of hatred, ‘The Void Of Human Waste’ is definitely worth checking out!
7 out of 10
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