Monday, 26 August 2013

Cacodaemonic - Forever Devouring The Righteous

Self Released 2013
1.Holy Maggot 2.Forever Devouring The Righteous
3.Next Generation Heretic 4.Infernal Requiem
Second e.p. from Nottingham’s Cacodaemonic does not hold back at all the instant ‘Holy Maggot’ spews forth its brutally tight form of blackened death metal. The pace is absolutely frantic; blast beats prevalent throughout much of the track, giving this opener an unbelievably deadly punch. Musically, the guitars are varied, at times having that ‘Egyptian’ influence to them and sounding very similar to Nile. There’s also quite a heavy European influence on display, a touch of Behemoth maybe. It’s a great introduction to the band if you haven’t had the pleasure of sampling their brutality. ‘Forever Devouring The Righteous’ offers up more of the same, the pace of the track once again at full throttle. The song does break into slower sections where guitar solos are introduced which give an almost epic feel in places. There’s also a ‘darker’ sound to the guitars, giving the song a much more menacing atmosphere.
Next up is ‘Next Generation Heretic’ which tones things down slightly, a much more mid-paced affair that sounds slightly different to the two previous tracks, mainly due to the drop in tempos. The menacing blackened death metal is still on full show, just at a slightly slower pace, which adds variation to the release overall and shows that the band are able to mix things up and write a catchy and memorable tune. It’s the longest track on the e.p. which gives it plenty of scope to repeat the catchy chorus lines. Final track ‘Infernal Requiem’ returns to the blast beat laden frenzy heard in the first two tracks. Again, there is no let-up in the pace and when the machine gun like double kick drums burst open thunderously it has an amazingly massive sound, really thumping at the chest. Comparisons to Nile and Behemoth are even more relevant here, it’s probably as brutal as the band have sounded so far and makes for an excellent finish to this short, sharp slab of extreme blackened death metal. The band are really pushing the extremities of death metal here with their latest release and it showcases a band that have found a sound they are comfortable with but that want to push that sound to the absolute limits. All four tracks are sharp, monstrous and utterly punishing, even when the tempos are dropped (which isn’t that often). Four tracks of extreme blackened death metal that absolutely pummels the listener into the ground, this comes well recommended.
7.5 Out of 10
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