Monday, 10 October 2011

Agonised Deformity - Demo 2011

Self Released 2011

1.Abattoir 2.Anatomical Catalogues Of Disfigurement 3.Mutilated

From the outset blast beats pummel your ears into submission, bass heavy guitars spewing out dirty and rotten death metal. Opener ‘Abattoir’ doesn’t let you draw breath, the drums and guitars an absolute frenzy of old school inspired death metal. Dual vocals belching out tortured screams and growls. There’s a definite U.S death metal influence on show, especially when the song slows and the guitars crawl along, heavy as fuck. There’s a sense of chaos to the music, albeit a very controlled chaos which adds to the overall appeal and old school feel. ‘Anatomical Catalogues Of Disfigurement’ starts with guitars slow as hell and heavy as hell before another barrage of blast beats and frenzied guitars is unleashed, again punching you full force and definitely making you sit up and pay attention. Vocally there seems to be a strange effect on the guttural vocals, sometimes sounding slightly industrial which definitely doesn’t suit the ultra-brutal death metal AD are offering up. A more organic vocal style would have really given the track that bit extra and made it more appealing. Not that it’s a bad track, far from it, the band showing of a multitude of influences and tempos throughout which makes for an extremely varied and enjoyable listen.
‘Mutilated’ closes the demo with more of the same passionately performed brutal death metal. The bass really at the forefront of the sound and really punching through which is a pleasure to hear as all too often the bass can be lost in the mix, especially when music is played this fast! If AD can continue to write material at this level then their debut cd will be something to look forward to. There are obviously some improvements to be made and some tightening up to be had, but that’s just the norm when preparing for a debut release. I can imagine this material coming across extremely well in a live scenario and the band are probably an exciting proposition live. Brutal death metal, old school in essence and with a very dirty sound, these guys are definitely one to watch out for in the future judging by the material on show….bring on a full length!
7 out of 10

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