Saturday, 4 February 2012

Party Cannon - Promo 2011

Self Released 2011

1.We Prefer The Term Living Impared 2.Big Tasty 3.Everyone Is Dead To Me
4.Battle Of The Spidermen

Brutal blasting death metal / grind from the outset. Frantic drumming and twisting, grinding and slam orientated guitars whip up a frenzy almost immediately. The pace throughout opening track ‘We Prefer The Term Living Impared’ is utterly relentless, an absolute storm being produced by these crazed Scots. The pace is broken up with ‘slam orientated’ sections, vocalist ‘Stony’ belching out some sub-human nastiness which suits the backdrop of the music perfectly.  ‘Big Tasty’ begins differently, a slightly slower pace set and with a very old school dirty death metal feel to it, think Rottrevore and you’ll get the idea. The change of pace is definitely welcomed, adding variation to the band’s sound which prevents them from falling into the “sounds all the same” trap as can be so easy with this genre. Pace is injected when needed, but tending to be used sparingly and acting as a reminder that they are brutal as fuck! There’s a slightly unusual (for this genre) end to the track, a very old school sounding guitar lead, reminiscent of Obituary and other such old school veterans. It actually works though, being presented under a slamming, if somewhat slightly more melodic riff compared to those seen earlier in the track. Extremely creative and shows off a band willing to experiment and break away from the perceived norms of the death / grind genre.

‘Everyone Is Dead To Me’ is a good mix of the styles seen in the previous tracks, the old school element mixed with the slam and blasting grind sections is a great combination and works really well and is a refreshing change from a lot of the one dimensional bands similar to Party Cannon. Not sure about the intro to the track, but that’s something and nothing, soon forgotten when the track blasts in! The vocals are a real highlight here, ultra guttural and really well presented, being spewed forth from a seemingly deranged mind. Dare the word ‘catchy’ be used when discussing death / grind, but this is the catchiest of the four tracks and a real pleasure to listen to! Ending the ‘party’ is ‘Battle Of The Spidermen’, which is another lesson is precisely played death/grind, the bass guitar really punching through here and really adding to an overall sense of heaviness. We see a variation in the vocals, a more screamed vocal taking the lead which again works really well, adding yet more variation….bands like Exhumed and Impaled are instant comparisons if any were needed. As the track begins to wind down, that old school feel seen earlier is re-introduced, some quite melodic riffing again on show while an equally melodic guitar solo is played over it, actually creating quite an atmosphere. This slowly fades and an acoustic guitar outro takes over. Quite a bizzare way to end a death / grind release, but as with many of the experimentations the band introduce, it works really well. Forget the stupid film samples and what we have here is extremely well played, precise death / grind with an underlying old school feel and with some melody added for variation. Comes highly recommended. Looking forward to the split they have planned with fellow scots Laceration and Agonised Deformity.

8 out of 10

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