Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Redmist Destruction - Nobility In Death

Self Released 2011

1.Eternity Deprived 2.The Coroner 3.Hell Capitan 4.Strive To Belong 5.Terrorist
6.Only Human 7.The Noble Dead 8.Gefangnisstadt 9.He Who Suffers
10.Herbert West - Reanimator 11.Fucking Destroy

The new wave of English thrash metal has seen a boom of late, many young bands heading up the revival and flying the flag for thrash metal from these shores. Barnsley’s Redmist Destruction are amongst those, but are clearly not happy just to churn out re-hashed riffs and song structures wanked from the first wave. ‘Entity Deprived’ is a clear example of the bands originality and unwillingness to settle for the standard thrash sound. Acoustic guitars act as an intro before the barrage commences, it’s definitely full on thrash but there’s also a heavy injection of melody into choruses which give a really atmospheric, almost epic feel to the track…very catchy indeed! Other influences show themselves readily, dual lead guitars very ‘maiden-esque’ and fitting in well. ‘The Coroner’ is another full on thrash assault, shouted gang style vocals given a good airing throughout the track. A blistering pace is set through the whole of the track which can only be a good thing!. Other influences begin to break through, Testament and Exodus immediately spring to mind towards the end of the track.
‘Hell Capitan’ follows on in similar fashion, no real let up in the pace, each track taking on a really frenzied feeling, brutal thrash metal. More melody is injected into the onslaught, the band actually begin to sound a little like Germany’s own masters of Death/Thrash metal Dew Scented,which is never going going to be a bad thing. ‘Strive To Belong’ is a more classic thrash affair, the shouted gang vocals re-introduced, the pace held back in favour creating heavy and raw thrash metal! ‘Terrorist?’ is another real toe-tapping example of modern thrash metal, real variety in the song and many of the bands influences again on show with variety being shown in the pace, ranging from an almost sludgy crawl through to all guns blazing thrash attack. ‘Only Human’ has a slightly more extreme feel to it, especially in the guitars, sounding once again like a less brutal Dew Scented but with more ‘classic’ style thrash vocals. ‘The Noble Dead’ acts as a short, acoustic interlude and allows the listener to take a breather from the full on thrash frenzy of the previous tracks. ‘Gefangnisstadt’ begins calmly enough before normal (thrash) service is resumed. These guys can’t be accused of ‘holding back’ at all, every opportunity to ‘let-rip’ is taken full advantage of, the catchiness never lost in the speed of the songs. ‘He Who Suffer’s barely allows you to draw breath and opens up the instant the previous track has finished and as you would expect it’s full on, foot to the floor thrash, the riffing becoming really manic whilst managing to retain a sense of melody as well the overall feeling of thrash metal. The production of the album really jumps out at you, especially the bass, having a really heavy thumping air of authority and giving the song that extra something.
‘Herbert West – Reanimator’ see’s the shouted vocals re-introduced “Reanimator, the dead alive” being shouted in good old thrash fashion and giving this track a really old school/first wave feel and sounding typically English (not a bad thing by far!) Closing proceedings  is ‘Fucking Destroy; which is what the band have pretty much done throughout all eleven tracks. As mentioned earlier, this album isn’t about taking old ideas and making them sound a bit different with a newer production, it’s all about appreciating the past masters and paying homage to the genre they created. It’s all about dragging thrash into the 21st century kicking and screaming and creating modern thrash metal music, which RD do brilliantly. Their music is thrash, and shows many of the classic elements but it’s also so much more than that. Influences are a plenty and the band aren’t afraid to have them all on show. Modern thrash metal played flawlessly with a real kick to the bollocks production, ‘Nobility In Death’ comes highly recommended. If the band can pull this off on the live circuit, there’ll be no stopping them! Thrash is back and by this performance; it's here to stay!

8 out of 10

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