Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nathicana - Demo 2012

Self Released 2012

1.Entity 2.Devour 3.The Evil That Lurks Upon Us

Yes, the band did rape their name from that excellent 1349 song; however upon a first spin of the cd, there is a creepy old school vibe that greets the listener. When ‘Entity’ opens up, there’s a real heavy dose of melody injected into the bands sounds, whilst it manages to retain a sense of grimy, bog lurking old school death metal. The kick drums have been mixed perfectly to suit the music on offer, offering a really heavy, organic sound which really thumps at the chest. Tortured vocals accompany the death metal vibe; however, they sit more in the ‘Screamed Black Metal’ bracket, but suit the music really well. Differing styles used to maximum effect, almost a grindcore delivery, just not with the frenzied, blast beat laden delivery with the band preferring to take on a more ‘mid-paced’ approach. ‘Devour’ continues the murky, dirty old school theme perfectly, the faster sections very reminiscent of the more melodic old school Swedish death metal bands, with a slight hint of black metal injected into the guitars. Some of the faster sections do sound a little ‘out of control’, the band almost struggling to stay in time, but they do manage to hold things together so as not to lose the song completely. Third and final track ‘The Evil That Lurks Upon Us’ begins life at a crawl, once again the old school feel really brought to the fore here, not doom by any means, but slowed down, down tuned stinking death metal. These slower sections have a hint of ‘Soilent Green’ to them, only very slightly however. Reading through the bands lists of influences it is hard to see where these influences manifest themselves in the songs, as many of the bands listed are technical, extreme metal, quite the opposite from what is on offer here. This demo is Nathicana’s debut outing and is a good solid effort, but there is a naivety to their song writing which does show through. As mentioned, some of the faster sections sound a little out of control, and not ‘fully together’ as a band, but we can forgive a little sloppiness given that the band haven’t been together too long. Shows potential, not bad by any means, the band just needs more time to develop as a unit and mature their song writing skills.

5.5 out of 10

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