Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fog - The Promise Of Suicide

Self Released 2012
1.The Promise Of Suicide 2.Buried Beneath The Winter Sun
One man black metal/doom outfit Fog offer up (as Greg, the man behind Fog says himself) ‘depressing drones of self-misery’ and when ‘The Promise Of Suicide’ begins it is instantly obvious that his description isn’t that far off the mark. Buzz heavy, droning guitars and bass set a depressing and hideous atmosphere. Repetitive, and at a snail’s pace, the riffing is bleak, depressive and exhausting. Pace is kept to an absolute minimum, the drums taking a back seat, there to merely maintain the pace (or lack of) and nothing else, their simplicity all that is needed. Vocally, it’s tortured, its haunting whilst remaining absolutely scathing as black metal vocals should be, screamed with absolute vitriol, hatred, anger and aggression.
‘Buried Beneath The Winter Sun’ begins in similar fashion, albeit in a more drone like state, the buzz heavy bass guitar pummelling through the mix, distorted to hell as is fitting with this style of music. The track is broken up half way through when the bass and guitars drop out and the vocals and drums are left to ‘do their thing’, accompanied by a tolling church bell. It provides an utterly haunting atmosphere, taking the listener on a very depressing journey, with no ending in sight – this may just be the soundtrack to commit suicide to. There are only two tracks on offer, but for those unaccustomed to this genre, it’s probably going to be enough of an introduction. For those already indoctrinated into the gloom of this style of black metal/doom (or suicidal black metal, depressive black metal etc.etc.) it’s a great introduction to this relatively new one man project from South Wales. Full of bleak atmosphere, it’s haunting and chilling with an over-riding sense of punishing and depressing tones, probably as Greg intended it to be. If that’s the case, job done, and job done well.
7 out of 10

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