Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Eviscerate Carnage - The Art Of Pathology

Abyssus Records 2012
1.Deathwork 2.Medical Murder 3.The Art Of Pathology
4.Anaerobic Decomposition Of Organic Matter 5.Pneumatically Battered
Citing influences such as Aborted, Exhumed, Carcass and Impaled it is instantly clear that that these influences are very heavy influences. Right from the opening pummelling riffs there’s a massive ‘Aborted’ sound to the relative newcomers debut e.p. ‘Deathwork’ boasts an absolutely monstrous sound from the outset, a torrent of savage death metal riffs supported by blasting and brutal drums, snarled and screamed vocals are backed by ultra-guttural vocals, this dual delivery sounding very similar to the bands influences. Even the production pays homage to the fore mentioned masters of horror/gore extreme metal, being just the right side of clean to allow every instrument to be heard. The guitar riffs have that brutal, but groovy element to them which is never going to fail to please. There’s no let-up in the onslaught as ‘Medical Murder’ piles drives in another display of precisely played brutal extreme gore metal. Again, the groovy riffs are backed up by some absolutely brutal blast beats, utterly ferocious in delivery and technically precise. ‘The Art of Pathology’ begins with the obligatory medical tuition sampled intro before all hell breaks loose once again, another mix of foot to the fall blasting extreme death metal. Tempos are mixed slightly more here, the band slowing the track down somewhat, allowing the groove of the riffs to really come to the fore and taking on a very catchy approach. Sounds great when the band move from these slower sections straight into all out blast, and then back again, great stuff.
Next up, and obviously a Carcass inspired tune is ‘Anaerobic Decomposition of Organic Matter’ which is more of the same, an absolute monolith of a song, a really eerie atmosphere being created in amongst all the gory and groovy brutality, yet another lesson in how to execute precisely played extreme metal. Finishing up is the shortest track, (which all clock in at around the three minute mark) ‘Pneumatically Battered’ which does what the titles suggests, and fucking batters you into a bloody pulp, the pace of the song absolutely blinding, with the heavy ‘Aborted’ influence well on display here. The fact that these guys have all played/play in other underground acts such as Oblivionized, Merciless Terror, Insidious etc. really shines through in the tightness of their song writing and delivery.  All five tracks are punishing affairs, delivered with such ferocity and tightness that there’s no real faulting this debut e.p. Yes, the bands influences show through very heavily, and the band do sound a lot like these influences but, it’s refreshing to hear a band from the UK playing such a style, and playing it very well! The band fully admit to “creating music in the vein of many bands that have influenced them for many years”,  so If you like Aborted, Exhumed, Carcass, Impaled etc. you know what you’re going to get and you’re really going to love this. Brutal, catchy, very well played and tight as fuck, E.C have produced an absolutely first rate debut e.p. – The full length album is already written, which promises (based on this performance) to be a devastating release. Highly recommended.
8.5 Out of 10

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