Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Demonic Cremator Interview

UKEM delved into the obscure and filthy world of die-hard old school black metal duo DEMONIC CREMATOR, talking to Asphyxiator and Necrotica....
For those unfamiliar with the band, please give us a brief history of the band and its members?
A) Sure, I am Asphyxiator and I play the Drums and sing for the band, my partner Necrotica plays all the guitars and the bass. We started the band in early 2009 as we really weren’t hearing that much music that excited us at the time, we both started trading riffs and stuff and took it from there. We wanted that real old school, black metal attitude and style completely without frills and such.
Please give us an idea of the bands discography.
A) We got a deal with Zeikte NL label in 2009 for one album that became 'BLIZZARDS OF HATE' followed by a 3 track EP entitled 'MANIAC'. Couple of other Demo's along the way, plus a 7" single 'MY DYING BREATH on Bestial Invasion Records in 2010. Our second full length was 'CRUCIFIED' shortly after.
You have just released your third album, SUFFER IN HELLFIRE. What has the reaction been to this new offering?
N) So far the reaction has been really positive, it's good to hear that people are enjoying it as much as we do, as we feel it's our best work to date.
How did the deal with UKEM RECORDS come about?
A) The deal actually came around as UNHOLY DEATHCUNT was already on the label so had a good idea what I was letting myself in for, hahaha...I was actually just going to release 'SUFFER IN HELLFIRE' myself under some fictional label, but it soon became apparent that UKEM was willing to take a lot of the stress off me and deal with things in a more professional manner, which is what you need really.
You are involved in several other bands, can you tell us about them and how/if they differ from DEMONIC CREMATOR?
A) Yes, I am also the guitarist/songwriter in UNHOLY DEATHCUNT along with vocalist Filthgrinder, plus I have my other project MYSTIABLLUS. With Deathcunt I like things to be a lot more chaotic and harsh, brutal riffs and and a general sense of Anxiety/Speeding out of my brains and losing control type of beast, ha ha. Very tense, especially the new songs I am currently constructing. Filthgrinders vocals are perfect for this, and bring in a real Death/Grind/Black aspect to the music. MYSTIABLLUS is a more inward solitary affair, a total black metal project with huge influence from BURZUM,early BEHEMOTH, BATHORY, very icy and dare I say 'Grim'. I am currently working with MURUSTRICTUS vocalist Rosachd, his are some of the best black metal lungs I have ever heard, truly, so I am very excited by the next release, Tape only! DEMONIC CREMATOR is myself and Necrotica sort of resurrecting the old black metal of VENOM, MAYHEM, etc, a real blast from the past.
Musically, who influences you, if anyone at all?
N) Like Asphyxiator said in the last question, we wanted to bring back more of the old school vibe from the 80's like Venom, Celtic Frost, etc, the real classics and create the type of album we would love to listen to ourselves and try to recreate that same sort of attitude that came across in those albums back then, straight to the point, primitive and no fillers!!
What themes and topics do your lyrics deal with?
A) The idea of Satan, Death, the Unknown, all very intriguing stuff for me personally. Then again, on the new album you will find tales of utter contempt for most of humanity, I fuckin' hate 80 per cent of people, honest to fuck! But really the longer I write, the more subjects come up.
Composing songs can often be a frustrating process, how do you go about it?
A) Actually this is a bit of a weird process for me. Basically, most songs just sort of appear in my head while I am at my day job, leaving several hours before I get home and try to play these riffs onto my 8 track. I get a good idea of the vibe, and, book right into the studio to lay down around 3 hours of drum tracks, pretty much non stop. Some songs I actually write WHILE I am playing playing the drums and recording them. Not the most normal process I suppose, but it works very well, and always captures the darkness ha ha. Then Necrotica and I conjure up more riffs, we fit a lot of the arrangements in a lot of the drum tracks I have already recorded, which always keeps the songs short and energy driven.
What could we expect from one of your live performances?
A) No live gigs!!! Thing is, I gigged for fuckin' years in pubs and clubs and the thought of gathering other members, keeping it all together, interband fights, commitment issues etc...when I think of that it takes the fun out of the whole thing immediately.
N) I don't have any desire to play live really, i enjoy recording and basically being a hermit! Like Asphyxiator said, too much hassle and bullshit with other people. Too much time wasters out there.
Plans for the future?
N) Continuing to write more albums and improve with every release, the only way is up (or down!)
A) Absolutely, better songs, the right atmosphere, maybe eventually some new guitar strings and sticks.
What merch do you currently have available and where can we get it?
A) We are planning a limited run of DEMONIC CREMATOR T shirts very soon, black with logo and back print. Also we shall have patches made at some point this year, as we do all of this ourselves (also being just the two of us) it becomes very expensive, but yeah there will be some good stuff available soon.
Any final words?
A) I just wanna say thanks for interviewing us, much appreciated. It is good to get some positive support.
N) Thanks to everyone for buying the album so far and if you haven't already, why the hell not?!
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