Friday, 11 October 2013

Party Cannon - Partied In Half

Autopsy Records 2013
1.Duct Taped To A Flag Pole 2.Tyrone, You Put That Sugar Down
3.High Five Ghost
Scottish ‘Party Slammers’ Party Cannon could well be conceived to be somewhat of a joke, from the ‘balloon looking’ logo alone, not to mention the song titles. They are far from that though, it’s about having fun whilst playing some seriously brutal death/grind/ slam. Opener ‘Duct Taped To A Flag Pole’ belches forth in a torrent of nasty blast beats and monstrous riffing that is mixed with some truly coma inducing slam elements. There’s a great mix of vocals on offer, snarled rasping screams accompany some ultra-guttural, sub-human death growls, reminiscent to a lot of gore-grind currently out there. The production is perfect for the style of music, being bass heavy as fuck with all the individual elements mixed just right and working well together to produce an absolute monster. ‘Tyrone, You Put That Sugar Down’ is another beastly track, rabid blast beats and frenzied guitar work mixed to maximum effect and when interspersed with those pummelling slams again makes for another brilliantly tight song. The band do sound extremely potent and devastating when they up the pace and allow the blast beats to really let rip, pinch harmonics crawling all over the place. Again, the vocals are a real highlight, varied and extremely well delivered.
Closing this short three track e.p. is ‘High Five Ghost’ which continues the theme heard in the two previous songs. Frenzied probably best describes the sound when the band are playing a full throttle and what really makes the band stand out is when they deliver these faster ‘frenzied’ sections then plunge right into the heavy as hell slams, it absolutely destroys and then mix in some ultra-fast gravity blast laden sections and you know you’re going to be completely ‘spasticated’ (as the intro suggests) not only by this song, but by the entire e.p. Having witnessed the band live I can affirm the fact that Party Cannon are indeed (as these three songs testify) intense as fuck and yes, they really do enjoy playing their music which shows in both the live arena and recorded format. This is a massively great introduction to the band for those that haven’t been initiated into the party and shows the band off perfectly for what they are – an intense and utterly devastating death grind band (with a hint of Gore-Grind to really add impact) that are writing some original sounding songs and playing them with ease. Some out there may have chosen to give these guys a miss by judging the band by their logo, or their sense of humour. That would be a fatal mistake as Party Cannon are yet another band from the UK that have produced a massively impressive, albeit somewhat short, e.p. that stands them head and shoulders above most of the bands out there in a similar genre. The impact the music has is instant and you ignore it at your peril! Join the party and slam, you will not be disappointed, ‘Partied In Half’ comes very highly recommended.
8.5 Out of 10
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  1. Thanks very much, I'm biased but this review highlights what we try to do.

    -- Stony