Monday, 7 April 2014

Wisdom Without Worship - Pervasive Dark Energy

Pervasive Records 2013
1.Intristik Simplistik 2.Komplexikation 3.A Smoke Filled Kandle Lit Room
4.A Penny Less Exodus 5.Ignorant (In)Ability
6.We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands
Wisdom Without Worship are a two piece black metal band from Cornwall, playing a very noisy and chaotic brand of black metal. Opener ‘Intristic  Simplistiks’ is just that, noisy, chaotic and with little structure, its actually quite hard to make sense of the ‘song’ at all as the approach undertaken is very unorthodox. The same could be said for the following track ‘Komplexikation’. Again it’s noisy and extremely hard to actually gauge what is going on mostly due to the production which is of course, ultra Necro and absolutely dirty, rotten and obviously intentional. The fact that the song stops and starts without any real purpose makes it very hard to listen to. ‘A Smoke Filled Kandle Lit Room’ breaks from the chaos slightly, and acts more of an industrial tinged noise interlude, sampled noises mixed with the simplistic guitars that is OK, but never really serves any purpose other than to break things up slightly. ‘A Penny Less Exodus’ actually blasts open with real conviction, the chaos heard previously reined right in and there actually seems to be a structure being followed and applied surprisingly well. It’s still very noisy and chaotic, but nothing in comparison to the earlier tracks. The band seems to have found their footing here, albeit very simplistically but there does appear to be method in their madness at last! It’s been very hard to draw any real comparisons, but here there could be a hint of Archgoat mixed with some Black Witchery maybe. Not as potent or deadly however, but still starting to make some sort of sense.
‘Ignorant (In)Ability’ is also showing signs of structure and resembling an actual song. The craziness and chaos heard in the opening tracks is still there but WWW are starting to make order of the chaos, which is good because when they do you feel the band are on the cusp of producing something truly terrifying, but never quite reaching that end product unfortunately. Closing this e.p is ‘We’ve Got The Whole World In Our Hands’ which is obviously an ‘outro’ and does have a message to tell, there’s a sample of what sounds like David Attenborough talking about man destroying the planet whilst other noise and soundtracks create another noisy track but a track that does have atmosphere. This relatively short e.p really isn’t going to appeal to everyone, and although the band describes themselves as ‘Black / Death / Doom’ I’d be more inclined to describe them as “Blackened Noisy Grind”. Labelling aside, it’s really a CD of two halves, the first half extremely chaotic and with no structure at all with the second half then starting to find it’s feet with actual songs beginning to crawl out from all that noise. The whole release is relatively simplistically delivered and you don’t have to think about what you’re listening to, but that might have been the whole idea behind it. Check it out, but don’t expect anything too spectacular.
4.5 out of 10
Band Page: Here

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