Friday, 31 October 2014

Dystopian Wrath - Dystopian Wrath

Self Released 2014
1.Suffering State 2.Dawn Of The End 3.Back To The Maze
4.Black Sea Of Trees
Devon’s Dystopian Wrath unleashed their debut e.p back in March this year and what an introduction to the band this is! Opening track ‘Suffering State’ sets the tone perfectly for the remainder of the release. Harsh guitars are unleashed furiously in a torrent of melodic black/death metal and are backed up with mostly fast to extremely fast drumming (albeit programmed as the band are struggling to find a human with the necessary skills) and accompanied by some excellent vocals delivered harshly in a mainly black metal screamed style. The bands influences are immediately obvious from the outset, Dimmu Borgir and Belphegor being obvious comparisons but as ‘Dawn Of The End’ blasts forth, there is an air of older Satyricon (think Mother North) to some of the guitar harmonies and melodies incorporated into this second track. Keyboards are introduced in very grandiose fashion as the song is slowly brought to a close and again, slower Dimmu instantly springs to mind. Not that the band are clones, far from it in fact! The atmospheres that the band create have a distinctly sinister feel to them, something latter day Dimmu lacks and it’s those sinister and morbid undertones that sets Dystopian Wrath apart from their better known peers. ‘Back To The Maze’ takes the pace down somewhat, opting for a slower crawl which allows the dark atmospheres to begin to make their mark, haunting and devastating, this slower track really stands out as being something very special. Closing this self-titled e.p is ‘Black Sea Of Trees, which follows on seamlessly, building the tension slowly, very slowly in a desperate and pained cacophony of utter despair and ultimately sounds out the suicide of the sad soul assumingly being described in the song. For a debut release, Dystopian Wrath are setting the standard very high indeed, such is the brilliance that this e,p oozes throughout each and every song. The musicianship, arrangements and compositions are flawless, as is the production (bar a slightly ‘clicky’ drum sound, but that’s a minor niggle) which helps to create the morbid, monstrous and pain etched atmospheres. Another prime example of a young UK band at the very top of their game, showing the rest “how it’s done” through their brand of elite black/death metal. If you haven’t checked these guys out, then it’s about time you did as this release comes very highly recommended!
8.5 Out Of 10
Band Page: Here
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