Saturday, 30 April 2011

Gran Toucher - Human Cull

Human Cull cd (Self released-2011)

Noisy, chaotic, grinding madness. One way of describing Gran Toucher’s ‘Human Cull’. This disc has it all, blasting drums, whirlwind guitars, frenzied vocals (both guttural and screaming). Song structures remain simple throughout, reminding me of early napalm death in places (this is a good thing!!). The production suits the music perfectly, noisy, raw and with a bass sound that sucks the air from your lungs – it’s all fucking good stuff. The pace is relentless throughout the entire disc, most songs ranging from all out blast to sludge laden nastiness – it works well though! Song lengths are typical of the genre, some lasting a matter of seconds! 11 tracks overall, I would have loved the disc to be longer in length with more songs. No sooner have you pressed play then Gran Toucher have punched and kicked you into submission and have walked off with a smile on their faces, it all being over in a flash, the taste of blood left in your mouth but with you wanting more! The band describe this cd as a concept about the end of mankind, this is the perfect soundtrack to all life ending.
Well recommended 7.5 / 10

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