Saturday, 7 May 2011

Towers Of Flesh - The Perpetual Paradox

Dissected Records 2010

1.The Becoming 2. As Above So Below  3. Bringer Of The Flame 4. Renounce Thy Flesh
5. Forbidden Gnosis 6. The Perpetual Paradox

The Perpetual Paradox opens up with an acoustic passage, and to be quite honest it sounds a little uncomfortable and out of place, I was expecting the second track to blast in which just didn’t happen unfortunately, but that’s just my expectation, not a real criticism. Things really get going with ‘Bringer Of The Flame’, an unholy 'Dissection influenced' monster of a track. I don’t think that T.O.F would mind me using the mighty Dissection as a reference point, as the whole CD (for me) shouts "unholy blackened death metal". Acoustic and melodic interludes slow the songs down, but then the barrage of harsh, yet melodic riffing opens up again. 'Renounce Thy Flesh' and 'Forbidden Gnosis' continue this theme perfectly. For me T.O.F are at their best when the pace is fast, however the slower passages work well to add variety to all of the songs, making them sound almost ‘epic’. This disc sounds better the more you listen to it, the band seem to ‘find their feet’ the further through this disc you delve. Really well played, unholy, epic blackened death metal, fast riffing, blasting drums, tortured vocals. All the boxes are ticked. T.O.F are a shining example of what the UK underground currently has to offer. They should be proud of this effort.


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