Saturday, 28 May 2011

Condate Records - Split Roast

Split Roast ft. Colonel Blast – Cancerous Womb – Magpyes – Dyscaphia – Diascorium

Condate Records 2011

Colonel Blast
1. Power By Proxy 2. The Crime is Passion

CB open this 5 way split perfectly with two tracks (Power by Proxy and The Crime is Passion) of blackened death metal with hints of grindcore. Rasping, gnarly vocals, blasting drums and dense, suffocating guitars feature throughout both tracks. The songs are well composed and CB isn’t afraid to experiment either, introducing slower sections and acoustic passages into the mix, which works well given their black metal tendencies.

Cancerous Womb
1. Torn From Gunt To Cunt 2. Tepid Decrepit 3. Austrian Basement (Live) 

CW are pure, in your face death metal, with hints of the ‘old school way of doing things’ on show here. CW certainly know how to write and play well crafted death metal and like Colonel Blast, aren’t afraid to slow the pace in between the barrage of blast and grind. Highlight for me was the live track ‘Austrian Basement’, excellently recorded; this track shows off all of CW’s song writing ability excellently. 7.5/10

 1.Lord ov Swords 2. Warning 3. The Creeping Hand 4. Willem Fucking Defoe
5. Sir, You Forget Yourself 6. Wolf Bukkake 7. North West Smash Test

Magpyes enter the fray with noisy, chaotic ‘all over the place’ technical grindcore. The seven tracks on offer here are excellently played and create an audio barrage that kicks you right in the face from the opening riff of ‘Lords Ov Swords’. Even when the pace is slowed to a crawl, which happens frequently throughout the tracks, listening to this you feel like you’re been tortured to your last breath. It brutal, its nasty, its fucking excellent!

1. Impious Conflagration 2. Altars To The Wretched 3. Enshrined In Pestilence

Dyscaphia open up with an atmospheric piano intro and then blast into ‘Impious Conflagration’. Technical, brutal as fuck death metal on show here, all played with maximum precision. Dyscaphia all handle their chosen instruments expertly, each song an example of a band at the top of their game. Again, as with all the bands on this cd, they are very good at writing solid, memorable songs that punch you full force in the face with no apology! The remaining two tracks ‘Altars To The Wretched’ and ‘Enshrined In Pestilence’ follow the same path, flowing perfectly, an absolute whirlwind of brutality being created. Reminds me of Origin, and that cant be a bad thing can it!

1. My Own Eagles 2. The Mechanics Of Serenity 3. Interjection...
4. Reduction To The Absurd 5. Self Modifying Game

Diascorium offer up 5 slabs of extreme, technical metal, diving in and out of genres to create one hell of a racket. They mix it up perfectly, creating a wall of sound that completely fucks with your head, from grinding, blasting madness, to heavy as fuck doom passages, to ‘tech’, maybe even math metal, its got it all. There’s even a gothic sounding piano interlude! Confused? Don’t be, it works!! You wont get bored listening to this ‘cos there’s so much going on here. Fuck convention, Diascorium are re-writing the rulebook on writing extreme metal songs!

Overall – 8.5/10. An excellent 5 way CD that showcases some of the UK’s more talented extreme metal acts.

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