Monday, 9 May 2011

Necrotize - Grievance

Dissected Records 2010

 1.Grievance 2. King 3. Hordes of God 4. Wretched Life 5. Proud, I Fall 6. Messiah
7. Walking The Footsteps of Saul

The first aspect of this disc that really impressed me was the production. Punchy guitars layered over a really bright drum sound make for a solid listen. Mid paced, melodic death metal is order of the day in the Necrotize camp (a less brutal Dew Scented springs to mind). ‘Hordes of God’ is an excellent example of the melodic edge to Necrotize, with the ‘sing along’ chorus and almost anthem like moments that keep the listener engaged. ‘Wretched Life’ shows us that the band isn’t afraid to wander from the melodic path and treat us to some ‘blast’, which works well (some more would have been nice, but that’s just my personal preference). The tracks on offer are easily accessible and easy to listen to, which some may find a turn off, as the listener isn’t ‘challenged’ into wondering what will come next. But thats not really a major issue as the riffing is extremely catchy and doesn't threaten to become monotonous. A good, well played solid death metal album which I’m sure will have many banging their heads after a few ales – The UK’s answer to Dew Scented? Nothing groundbreaking, but still a good listen and another great example of healthy the UK extreme metal scene currently is!

7 /10

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