Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dawn Of Chaos - Promo 2010

Promo 2010

  1. Force Fed Embryonic Slurry 2. The Need To Feed 3. Muffocated (live) 4. Blind Torture Kill (live)
I have always had a problem with bands that call their releases ‘promo’, I don’t know why, I just thinks its lazy, effortless and lacks inspiration (just a personal opinion). On offer here on “promo 2010” are 4 tracks (two studio recorded and two live) of in your face death metal. Noisy, chaotic, raw - the way death metal should be right? On the plus side, the two live tracks have been excellently recorded, each instrument clearly audible, even down the rumble of the bass. However, you could (almost) be mistaken for thinking the live tracks were recorded in the same studio as the first two tracks. There isn’t much that separates the quality of the sound between the studio and the live tracks.  I’m sure hardened underground fanatics will love this, but I’m not too convinced (a good job done on the live recording and a bad one done in the studio? It’s a close call!)

If this promo was meant to showcase DOC at their best, I think they could have done better than release two live tracks on a promo, as the two studio tracks just don’t give us enough of a clue as what the band is truly capable of. Its all there, the guttural vocals, the blasting drums, the American death metal inspired riffs, all well played, but uninspiring and nothing original and not enough of it to grab your attention. Assuming the band is hoping to gather some attention from labels with this release, I think a lot more effort and foresight is needed. Presentation is everything, some might say, “Let the music do the talking” but in this case there’s not even enough to start a conversation.

5 / 10

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