Sunday, 22 May 2011

Massacre Of The Megafauna - Demo

1.Say What you mean, mean what you say 2. Kill your boss 3. Rumsfeld’s unspoken fourth epistemological insight
Sheffield’s Massacre Of The Megafauna is indeed a strange beast judging by this three-track demo. The first track, ‘Say what you mean, mean what you say’ lends it’s self musically to thrash, topped by harsh vocals and interlaced with ‘clean’ sung passages.
Thrash-core maybe? The sung passages do move towards the metalcore cliché, but the overall sound is definitely not that. Backed up with excellent guitar work and good solid drumming, the foundations are laid for the remaining two tracks. The second track, ‘Kill your boss’ introduces a touch of groove into MOTM’s arsenal, moving to a more doom rock sound. However, the thrash element to their sound is ever present, lurking in the background, ready to be unleashed when needed. Third and final track ‘Rumsfeld’s unspoken fourth epistemological insight’ is the highlight to this disc, with groove; doom-laden passages leading into metalcore influenced technicality before unleashing an all out thrash attack. MOTM’s more brutal edge is on show here and it works reasonably well.

Their influences (thrash, doom, rock, metalcore) may seem a mix that might not necessarily work, but MOTM have managed to create quite an interesting sound. I’m not sure that hardened death and black metal fans would take to this (not that MOTM should be trying to impress fans of those genres in particular)…BUT, fans of metal in general, maybe hardcore and metalcore might enjoy this. It's all well played , the production isn’t the best in the world, but it’s a demo, you don’t expect a polished, professional high budget studio production. With hard work and a bit more song development, MOTM may have a bright future ahead of them and I can see the style they have created appealing to many. If these guys do get picked up by a label i am sure these tracks will work well if put onto a full length CD, enhanced by a better production.


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