Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Basement Torture Killings - The Second Cumming

The Second Cumming (Arcane Productions 2010)

 1. Human Body Part Jewellery 2. Outback Murders 3. The Burner 4. Severed Head Fellatio 5. Caught Twice But Never Convicted 6. Priceles Life Death Art
7. 31 Stab Wounds To The Face 8. Crucifix Sodomy 9. The Trucker 10. Gore Bukkake 
Bonus Tracks** 11. Drill Bit Erotica** 12. Foetus Eater**

Murder obsessed sickos BTK unleash ‘The Second Cumming’, 12 tracks of sick, perverted ‘murder metal’ (not to be confused with Macabre’s brand of murder metal as BTK out perform the afore mentioned on so many levels). It’s pure brutality from start to finish. A short intro unleashes a bloody barrage that continues to bludgeon the listener through every track on this disc. Songs are enhanced by samples, sounding like news clips reporting on the horrors of murder. These ‘news clips’ work really well and add to the horrific atmosphere BTK have managed to create. Tortured, snarling, high-pitched vocals are complemented perfectly by the deep, aggressive, growling backing vocals, which only adds to the sense of horror. Backed up by blasting drums and frenzied guitar work, this is a monster of a cd. The production is top notch, being clear, yet utterly devastating and more importantly, its heavy!!! All involved handle their instruments with precision and ability, which is one of the reasons the end product is so utterly compelling to listen to (I’m reminded of Aborted while listening to this). BTK prove it is possible to write good, well-crafted death metal songs AND be totally brutal and devastating (and not get lost in a cess pit of noise and over the top technical nonsense). All twelve tracks stand out, never letting the listener down by changing the pace or direction. Packaged perfectly, ‘The Second Cumming’ is the soundtrack to a killer’s wet dream…. Perverted, sordid and disgustingly orgasmic.

9 / 10

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