Saturday, 11 June 2011

Christgrinder - Smoke Crack, Worship Satan

Smoke Crack, Worship Satan - 2010

1. The Faceless Monarch 2. Smoke Crack, Worship Satan 3. Neitzschenesis 4. Angelflesh Tapestry 5. The Grinding of The Christ 
This five track e.p. opens up with 'The Faceless Monarch' which begins with a slow, menacing passage that then bursts into a barrage of melodic death metal, with heavy leanings towards the black metal end of the musical spectrum. Harsh, sweeping riffs are backed up by solid, technical drumming, topped with harsh black metal vocals which all work very well together.  ‘Smoke Crack, Worship Satan’ is a far more blackened assault, showing CG’s black metal song writing qualities off excellently. This track also shows the band are their most grandiose, slow acoustic passages are complemented with piano / synth sections, weaving in and out of each other to create an air of ‘Dimmu Borgir’. We also see the band venture into faster sections, using the more traditional black metal sound, fast tremolo picked riffs with the now commonly used ‘buzzsaw’ guitar sound and blasting drums.
 ‘Neitzschenisis’ starts up with an almost industrial feel, but we are then taken back into frenzied black metal shown on the previous track. ‘Angelflesh Tapestry’ continues the theme, accoustic intro, then blast into menacing blackened death metal. Riffing continues to be harsh, but with a melodic edge that creates good, memorable songs. Another point of reference, especially on ‘Angelflesh Tapesty’ is (later) Satyricon, mainly due the vocal delivery which leans towards an industrial black metal sound. Final track, ‘The Grinding Of The Christ’ follows on in the same vein, an industrial feel to the track, but never forgetting the black metal theme. There’s quite a lot on offer on this e.p, melodic death metal, harsh black metal, industrial metal, but, when all put together it works really well. Each track is well written, memorable and will convert to a professionally produced full length CD extremely easily. If you like some variety to your (blackened) extreme metal then CG will suit you well. A worthy effort that deserves your attention.

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