Saturday, 4 June 2011

Iconic Destruction - Godstained Perfection

Malignant Manifestation Productions - 2010

1. A Moment of Revelation 2. Disgorge Upon Existence 3. Resigned To In-Existence
4. Embrace Extinction

Iconic Destruction is a one-man (suicidal) black metal outfit (namely Zac Broughton, front man with Oblivionized). This release is a split with Teeth And Thorns (Italy) and the atmosphere created here is utterly haunting, tortured, bleak and suicidal. ‘A Moment of Revelation’ kicks things off, setting the atmosphere for the rest of the disc, not so much a song, more of an introduction to the horrible world that surrounds ID.
‘Disgorge Upon Existence’ opens up with harsh, tremolo picked guitars, slow tortured drumming and scathing vocals which continue to tread the same path throughout the entire song. ‘Resigned to In-Existence’ follows the same torturous path, creating emotions and feelings of desperation and despair, it is utterly captivating though, never sounding repetative or unoriginal. With such a bleak outlook on life, it’s amazing how catchy (not a word normally associated to suicidal black metal) each track is, every riff being harsh, but memorable. Last track ‘Embrace Extinction’ again follows on where the previous track left off, never faltering from the air of despair that has been created. We’re even treated to some lead guitars in this track that works surprisingly well, given that there’s nothing to be happy about at all in ID’s world.
The finish is as you would expect for the genre, a bottomless pit of a production, reverb cascading throughout, especially on the vocals and drums and the guitars are as harsh (buzz-saw / lo-fi) as ever, like razor wire tearing through flesh. ID definitely stand’s up to the other players in the genre and Zac has managed to create the soundtrack to your suicidal thoughts, highly recommended


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