Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Corpse Fauna - Gore Gallery

Self Released 2011

1.Two Girls In A Well 2.Earth Ablaze 3.My Pretty Little Torso
4.Gore Gallery 5.View To An Execution

Woah! Press play and what a racket you’re greeted by! Down-tuned, ugly, rotten to the core old school monstrous death metal. ‘Two Girls In A Well’ is an absolute beast of a track, a true carnival of horrors, guitars a gurgling, grinding and putrid barrage, heavy as fuck. No doubt all backed up by a bass straight from the swamp, but it’s impossible to tell, such is the heavy low end rumble. Structurally, the song jumps around all over the place, a very punishing and unforgiving sound which at times could be seen as confusing, losing itself in its own brutality. ‘Earth Ablaze’ blasts out in similar fashion, blast beats introduced from the outset and giving the track a more composed feel than the opener. There appears to be a clearer structure, the riffing simplified somewhat to give the track more clarity under the barrage of old school caveman death metal nastiness. Slower passages are introduced which give the band a new sound and adds variety and breaks up the blasting sections well.
‘My Pretty Little Torso’ changes the momentum completely, opening very melodically and even using acoustic guitars with a spoken sampled passage which actually adds to the horror and throws the listener off balance somewhat. When the main body of the song starts, the melody is retained, albeit through the heavy and nasty sound. Tempos are kept to a minimum and this again allows the track to stand out and not be lost in the carnage that was seen in the opening track. Choppy time changes don’t work too well and add to a sense of chaos, but that might be the object of what the band are trying to achieve. Thankfully this track is well structured, old school brutal death metal, horrid and nasty in its execution. ‘Gore Gallery’ returns us to the carnage seen in the opening track, blast beats blazing along to some absolute rabid riffing. It’s just pure brutality, this is super-fast horror death metal and as brutal as the band have sounded so far. Again tempos chop and change but the track does still manage to keep things together, the slower sections retaining the songs composure. ‘View To An Execution’ is pure old school, tempos and time changes again changed frequently but when the band slow things down, it gets really nasty, the song dragging its rotten corpse along with an air of horror that’s immensely captivating. No sooner has the song started then it has ended in a hail of blast beats and the corpse of this track is returned to the putrid grave from where it first lumbered from. For such an old school, nasty and rotten release there is actually a surprising amount of musical variety on display. Tempos are varied and structures vary from the complex through to the disgustingly simple. Acoustic guitars sit comfortably alongside the bass/buzz heavy death metal riffing, hard to achieve the right balance but CF have managed it perfectly. Its old school, nasty, sexually depraved and perverted death metal which absolutely pummels and is a joy to listen to. This comes well recommended if you want to feel used, abused and dirty after you’ve listened to it – bathe in horror!
7.5 out of 10

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