Thursday, 17 November 2011

Somne - Demo 2011

Self Released 2011

1.Suicide Through Contentment...Exist For Extinction
2.Halls Of Melancholy 3.Beyond...

As ‘Suicide Through Contentment…Exist For Extinction” starts the anticipation is utterly chilling such is the atmosphere being instantly created. On offer is absolutely haunting and devastating suicidal lo-fi black metal. Vocalist ‘A’ is obviously a very disturbed and lost soul, his tormented screams crying out in absolute agony, utter despair etched into every single scream. Musically everything is as ‘Necro’ as possible, buzz-saw like guitars carving out some extremely melodic and depressive black metal, surprisingly catchy given the genre Somne place themselves in. The pace remains relatively slow which compliments the concept behind the song. However, the band isn’t afraid to up the pace which gives the song a more contemporary black metal sound with the vocals remaining utterly tortured. ‘Halls Of Melancholy’ begins with extremely melodic acoustic guitars and synths, a world away from the opening track. Bass and drums then join in and add to the melody which is then all complimented by a guitar solo. The devastation then returns dramatically, repetitive lo-fi black metal riffing all played at a fast pace, again very catchy but also horribly suicidal. The vocals are absolutely drenched in echo and reverb and ‘A’ does actually sound like he’s about to die and these are his tortured screams of anguish and regrets from days gone by, crying out in preparation for his inevitable demise. You find yourself being drawn into the horror, the music mesmerising, melodic yet as harsh as you’ll hear from similar bands. For such a long track (10:22) it passes extremely quickly such is the power of the song, time becomes insignificant. ‘Beyond..’ closes this demo and slows things right down, the song taking on a more familiar ‘Suicidal Black Metal’ feel and pace. Again the music remains relatively melodic, every riff being memorable yet unforgiving. As ever, the tortured vocals sound like ‘A’ is begging for help but receiving none. The ending to this track is superb, the guitars remaining at the same pace as the drums up their pace which makes for an extremely good ending to a haunting track and demo. Melody is re-introduced through acoustic guitars and synths as the track ends, the misery drawn to a close. All three tracks are truly compelling and is an absolute must for fans of lo-fi ‘kvlt’ depressive and suicidal black metal that is played with true passion and conviction. Already looking forward to their next release, can’t be recommended highly enough.

9 out of 10

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