Monday, 18 March 2013

Decimation - Bound For The Chamber

Self Released 2012
1.Utter Chaos Reigned 2.Desiring The Dead 3.Ineffective 4.Depopulate
5.Revulsion 6.Expelled To The Furnace 7.Bound For The Chamber
8.Honour Killing 9.Degrade The Body 10.Paraphilia
11.The Proliferation 12.Slave To Faith
Review by Chris
Smashing straight in with frantic guitars and blast beat laden guttural nastiness, Cornwall's Decimation show from the outset of 'Utter Chaos Reigned' that they aren’t here to take any prisoners, rather pummel your head in right from the beginning with this, their début album. There's no let up at all, American influenced death metal ala Malevolent Creation blasts mercilessly at quite a pace, mixing mid-tempos with all out blast beat heavy sections perfectly. 'Desiring The Dead' follows on in suitably brutal fashion, there’s an absolute torrent of blast beats on offer which really give the band that killer edge and is where the band sound at their best and most deadly. They’re not afraid to add melody into the mix either, through the use of guitar solos which have a very traditional sound which suits the brutal death metal of the rhythm guitars very well. When the band slow the pace, its pinch harmonics all the way, giving the song an even more American death metal sound and feel. There's a real sense of urgency to 'Ineffective', beginning as it does in the slower mid paced territory before opening up in a brutal salvo of savage blast beats. As heard in the previous track, guitar solos are used to great effect, slowing proceedings down slightly and giving the listener time to gather breath before the faster blast beat heavy sections are re-introduced. 'Depopulate' is another bruising song, the pace and sense of urgency more than retained to once again make for an extremely well constructed and well played slab of brutal death metal. The band actually sound a lot like German death/thrashers 'Dew Scented' here, the style of riffing deployed would not sound out of place amongst one of their albums. The production to Decimation's album is actually very similar to 'Inwards' by Dew Scented, so if you own that album, have a listen and you wont be far off the mark with Decimation. 'Revulsion' continues the theme heard in the previous track, the American brutal death metal style beginning to take a back seat to the more European style of death/thrash metal, again Dew Scented instantly spring to mind, melody becoming far more prevalent, but used at faster paces which makes for a great sound.
'Expelled To The Furnace' mixes U.S and European styles of death metal really well, the brutality of American death metal with the added melodic death/thrash of European extreme metal works well; snapping from all out blast beat heaviness, to the slower more technical sections. It has to be said, the further into this album you listen, the more the band sound like Dew Scented at their most brutal, which is not really a bad comparison is it? Vocally there is variation, the main guttural death metal vocals are the prevalent style, but when the harsher screamed vocals are introduced, it makes for a good change in style and adds variety to the album. Not that there needs to be much added as there is a lot going and its all really well played, the songs being very well constructed and sounding surprisingly original and interesting and very entertaining. Title Track 'Bound For The Chamber' is a short sharp lesson is brutal death metal, a whirlwind of frenzied blast beats and even though its well over three minutes long, it passes in lightning speed and is over before you know it and next up is 'Honour Killings' which slows the pace right down for the most but which never loses its intensity and the track then finishes in a barrage of blast beats and manic riffing. 'Degrade The Body' is yet another punishing song which mixes tempos and styles and has quite a technical sound and style to it, choppy riffs stop and start with great precision giving the band an extremely tight sound. 'Paraphilia' sees the band return to the European death/thrash sound used earlier and again the band chop and change from slower sections through to mid-paced and into faster blasting sections in an instant, Andrews drumming a particular highlight here, he sounds like he's giving his kit an absolutely monstrous beating.
'The Proliferation' begins so intensely, there's no let up in sight and we're now on the eleventh track, Decimation never sound like there waning or adding in album fillers, every track so far has been massive, fucking absolutely pummelling the listener and leaving them for dead, the aggression captured in the music is second to none. Closing this 43 minute monster of an album is 'Slave To Faith' which more or less utilises everything heard so far, paces chopped and changed, differing styles of death metal mixed well to create another well played, well constructed piece of brutality. The American style of death metal being the predominant style used to end this album, and what a fucking album it is. It has taken Decimation along time to release their début album, but it is definitely worth the wait. The band have obviously wanted to hone their skills as song writers before unleashing the brutality onto an unsuspecting underground scene. Brutal death metal that absolutely goes for the throat from the outset and never really lets go, loosening its grip slightly in places to let you draw breath before re-affirming its deadly hold. Its pure brutal death metal from start to finish, well played, interesting songs that pack such intensity that you really don’t want the album to end. A stunning, intense and massively brutal début album that comes extremely highly recommended.
8 out of 10
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