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Overoth - Kingdom Of Shadows

2010 Forbidden Realm Records
1.Kingdom Of Shadows 2.I Am One, I Am All 3.A Cry To The Fallen
4.Summon The Cursed 5.The Serpent Of Old 6.Led To The Slaughter
7.Pathway To Demise 8.Obsidian Blade 9.Upon The Altar
10.The Forbidden Realm
Review by: Tom
The album opens with 'Kingdom of Shadows', which is atmospheric for a short while before the opening riff comes in and then the track opens up and smashes you in the face. No messing around here! The first track is mid paced with a heavy sounding production and the vocals are death metal all the way. While the track is unrelenting and brutal, there is also a very dark atmosphere ever present. There is enough in this opening track to keep the listener interested throughout. 'I am One, I am All' starts off with a catchy riff and is slower than the opening track but lacks none of the savagery. It soon picks up with some blast beats and heavy riffs aplenty. There is definitely an old school death metal influence here and it oozes from every note played. 'A Cry To The Fallen' begins like the first track, by building a very dark atmosphere with keyboards and soundscapes. It is a very short intro to the next track and reminds me of Norwegian black metal greats Emperor. Just as the atmosphere has surrounded the listener, 'Summon The Cursed' begins immediately and has me thinking of Morbid Angel with the riffing. Another mid-paced face smasher that keeps you interested with every note played. A good use of blast beats and a fast tremolo picked riffs before bringing you right back to the mid-paced riffing again. Overoth also use solos to dramatic effect and it gives the song a really well crafted feel. 'The Serpent of Old' gives you no chance to catch your breath and comes storming in with the kind of power and pace that I have already come to really enjoy from these Belfast death metallers. This song is a little faster than the first few but doesn't stay that way all the way through, with some good heavy headbanging moments to keep you interested. Again a brilliant use of solos to keep your interest. Overoth have mastered their craft and mastered it well.
'Led To The Slaughter' has picked the pace right up with a different sounding intro riff and then some full on blast beats before descending into a heavy fucking riff that has me sat here banging my head. There is so much going on in this song, that it will take a few listens to take it all in. I will be listening to this alot more anyway, so no problem there. This song also has a much more black metal feel to it than any of the others but the vocals always keep the music grounded in it's death metal roots. 'Pathway To Demise' grabs you by the face and drags you once more into the savage world of Overoth. As this album progresses it seems to be getting faster. The production sounds organic and fills your head with sounds not from a computer, but from some talented fucking human beings. The blast beat shows itself more and more as this album continues and the song seems to end just as quickly as it has started. Leaving you wanting more! If it's more you want, then 'Obsidian Blade' delivers instantly. Going back to a more mid-paced feel, although not all the way through. I am again reminded of Morbid Angel. Before you have really had the chance to take everything in you are thrown another crushing riff. It could never be said that Overoth don't give you plenty to think about during each song, with this one ending with atmosphere being forced upon you. 'Upon The Altar' starts with a heavy sounding riff that Black Sabbath would be proud of. After listening to the rest of this album I am left under no illusion that this will be another slab of darkness and I am not disappointed. If I hadn't shaved all my fucking hair off, I would be windmilling right now. This song sounds filthy and dare I say it, has a groove that is present in the rest of the album but played out alot more in this offering. If you don't like solos then maybe Overoth aren't for you. I happen to think that the solos fit perfectly with the overall vision that Overoth have created. Final track is 'The Forbidden Realm' and this one starts with a dark atmosphere that made me think of Melechesh. As the song kicks in, it again reminds me that Overoth have absolutely hit the nail on the fucking head with this release. Savage and brutal from the moment it kicks in. Once i have finished this review, I am unplugging my headphones, pouring a pint and putting this on again from the beginning through my stereo speakers. My neighbours may not appreciate what Overoth have produced here, but I certainly do. If you are a fan of old school sounding death metal then make sure you get yourself a copy of this. One of the best releases I have heard in quite some time.
10 out of 10
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