Friday, 22 February 2013

Twice The Trauma - Auditory Excruclation

Self Released 2012
1.The Futility Of Being 2.Septic Tank Suffocation
3.The Cannibal And The Corpse 4.Down Another Pint 5.One More Can
6.The Pig Riders Of Leeholme
As 'The Futility Of Being' slowly gathers pace and builds a sinister atmosphere there is a real sense of anticipation as to what is about to happen. This short intro actually has quite a black metal feel to it, but Twice The Trauma are far from that. 'Septic Tank Suffocation' blasts open furiously with punk infused raging guitars and machine gun like drum programming. The production used for the drums is awful, horribly tinny and very electronic sounding which if intentional, was definitely the wrong decision for a grindcore band. 'The Cannibal And The Corpse', obviously a play on words for the well known veterans of the death metal genre, is a really brutal offering, blasting nastily throughout most of its entirety. There is however a change in mood half way through the track, which sounds very atmospheric when the keyboards are used over the frantic drum and guitar work. It actually works surprisingly well, but is spoilt somewhat by that awful drum production.
 'Down Another Pint' and 'One More Can' pass in typical grindcore fashion, being short, fast, brutal and to the point. They are actually the highlights of the whole e.p working much better than the longer tracks, the use of dual vocals particularly well executed sounding spiteful and full of malice. Closing this very short e.p is 'The Pig Riders Of Leeholme' which begins life in very death metal fashion, heavy open chord riffs set the tone for the barrage that is about to follow. Another torrent of raging guitars, blasting drums and snarling vocals deliver quite a punch, but also tends to miss the mark somewhat. Again, its the production that is the major flaw with the guitars been very low in the mix and not very heavy when the faster sections let lose. With a slightly altered production, this, and most of the other tracks would have really kicked you full force in the nuts. Sadly, they are lacking this, which lets the e.p down. The keyboards are re-introduced towards the end of the song to give it an eerie, almost sinister end section. Its fair to say that the production on this release isn’t the best in the world, not sure if that’s what the band aimed to do, but one thing is certain, it doesn’t do the songs any justice at all. All the ingredients are there (frenzied and raging guitars, blasting drums and vicious vocal work) for an amazingly brutal release, its just the end product isn’t up to the job. Worth a listen if you can get over the production (but maybe that’s how you like your grind?)
6 out of 10
Band Page: Here

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