Thursday, 14 February 2013

Subservience - Dystopia

Self Released 2012
1.No Messiah 2.Masterpiece Of Deceit 3.Exit Wounds 4.Concrete Asylum
Describing themselves as 'Groove Death metal', Brighton’s Subservience have their description pretty spot on. As soon as 'No Messiah' bursts open from the speakers, the groove element to the bands brand of death metal is more than evident. Bass heavy, thunderous guitars pummel and pile drive grooving riffs from start to end, with the pace of track adding to the groove-laden feel, being slow to mid-paced throughout. The band do flirt with higher tempos, wandering into blast beat heavy faster sections, but these never last for any great period of time. 'Masterpiece Of Deceit' follows on in similar fashion , however the pace of the song has been upped somewhat and the faster groove of the guitars gives the song an almost Swedish death metal feel and sound. Some of the slower sections have a touch of 'Bolt Thrower' to them, but as the track progresses it takes on a more industrial, almost futuristic feel, maybe Fear Factory or S.Y.L would be more favourable comparisons. 'Exit Wounds' begins quite melodically before the guitars open up furiously with the double kick drums pummelling out at quite a speed which makes this track a more brutal proposition all round. The song then drops back into the more familiar slower groovy death metal orientated structures with the melodic side to the band being repeated throughout the duration of the track.

'Concrete Asylum' sees the band introducing the Swedish death metal sound heard earlier and at this point when the pace is upped into mid-paced territory the band sound particularly catchy with this track probably being 'the stand out track' of the e.p. From a vocal stand point, its harsh screamed vocals which work well over both the slower and faster sections to all of the tracks – no complaints here. Closing proceedings is 'Procedures' which begins with a sampled intro before melodic guitars and drums introduce the track slowly and this allows the song to build momentum until eventually the bass heavy guitars are allowed to come thundering in. Its more of the same really, no real surprises to this final track other than there is a lot more melody on display which is utilised through the use of guitar solos and harmonies. The band now have a handful of demo’s and e.p's under the (musical) belts and I’m sure they have now 'found their sound' which is good, solid groovy death metal. Its not fast, its not technical but its death metal played well and obviously played from the heart, which is what metal is all about. This release isn’t going to be for everyone, especially those who like there extreme metal at lightning speeds, but it is a good, well produced, well played slab of honest, to the point death metal and is definitely worth a listen.
7 out of 10

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