Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Obscene Entity - Obscene Entity

Self Released 2012
1.Red Tide 2.World For Thought 3.The Nephilim
4.Doomed 5.Hell Goer
Death metal trio Obscene Entity don’t fuck about with any fancy intros or introduce the opening track 'Red Tide' gradually; no, its blast straight in with 'to the bone' savage death metal. Twisting riffs and drums which annihilate lets the listener know that the band really want to get inside your head. The musicianship on display from the outset is first rate, especially the dizzying, groove-laden guitar work, being technically proficient with a very heavy U.S. Death metal influence, with bands such as Monstrosity and Cannibal Corpse relatively accurate comparisons. 'World For Thought' continues the groove heavy theme brilliantly, beginning as it does at a slower pace which really allows the groove to shine through. It doesn’t last for long however, blast beats and frenzied yet technical guitars open in a truly vicious assault of brutal death metal. The slower pace is then re-introduced with the song taking in a melodic, almost progressive element. But don’t read too much into 'progressive', there's a slight hint, nothing more, the song remaining firmly in the brutal death metal territory. An excellent song which shows, yet again, the very high degree of technical ability these musicians have and confirms that they are more than capable of handling their instruments.
'The Nephilim' also begins life as a mid-paced affair with faster, blast-beat laden sections added in sporadically to give things quite a technical sound. Even when the band decide to slow the track right down, the guitars remain as frenzied and as savage as ever. Vocally variety is used, with the main guttural growled death metal vocals being backed up by some savage screamed type vocals – standard fare in extreme metal terms but nonetheless sounding great and well executed. 'Doomed' uses the dual vocals brilliantly, sounding really nasty and creating a really disturbing atmosphere. As ever, the frenzied and twisting riffing is never far from the bands sound. They actually introduce some riffs that are very thrash metal influenced, giving the track some 'bounce' and not sounding out of place at all. Closing this début e.p is 'Hell Goer' which is a 'pinch harmonic' heavy dose of groove-laden brutal death metal. Even more influences are brought into this final track with some of the riffs showing a middle-eastern, Nile-esque style which when incorporated into the bands normal style, mixes well. Tempos, as seen in the previous tracks, are mixed between the slower, groove led style, through to the mid-paced battering all the way up to the blast heavy and frenzied style. For a début e.p, 'Obscene Entity' is a savage offering of technical, brutal and apocalyptic death metal all played to a very high standard and sounding particularly original for such a young band. It will be very interesting to see what the band offers up next, because if it is anything like their début, it will absolutely annihilate! Comes highly recommended
8 out of 10
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