Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Reflection In Exile - The Insufferable Darkness

Self Released 2012
1.Disarray (Intro) 2.The Insufferable Darkness 3.Astray From The Light
4.The Blackened Standard 5.The Decaying Process
Short intro track 'Disarray' sets a gloomy and morbid atmosphere and introduces 'The Insufferable Darkness' perfectly. Blasting open furiously in a storm of melodic, yet vicious blackened death metal there is a really 'big' sound to this monstrous opener. Extreme metal titans 'Behemoth' immediately spring to mind, especially vocally with the dual vocals being unleashed with absolute spite and malice. Musically there are comparisons to Behemoth as well, the band moving from faster blast sections down into the slower more morbid passages extremely well; proving they are able to mix and utilise tempos and styles very well rather than just blasting from start to finish. As the track draws to a close there is a melodic 'strings' section which introduces 'Astray From The Light' very professionally. This is another monster of a track with the hate-filled dual vocals once again being used heavily throughout and as before tempos are mixed well. When the song does slow down, there is a really epic feel and sound. There's are real 'tightness' on show which is testament to the bands abilities, obviously accomplished musicians and well practised with their chosen instruments.
'The Blackened Standard' follows on in seamless fashion and begins life in really brutal fashion, there’s an extremely fast tempo set to the opening riffs here. The song does then drop the pace, but not for very long which ensures the momentum created at the start of the song is not lost. There's a slightly less black metal edge to the guitar riffs here, death metal the more prevalent influence and sounding quite similar to Germany's Dew Scented. Definitely the stand out song so far! There's no time to draw breath as 'The Decaying Process' ends this short e.p. Again, there are huge 'Behemoth' comparsions on show, especially when the music drops off and the dual vocals are left to their own devices, to spit yet more malice and hatred from the speakers. As with the previous three songs, tempos have been varied well. There's never any real 'mid-paced' sections, its either one or the other with these lads, fast blast sections or slow, monstrous and heavy as hell sections, which to be fair works very well. Only four tracks on offer, but what great tracks they all are. Yes, there are obvious comparisons to the Polish gods of death/black extremity, but Reflection In Exile have managed to show off their influences without becoming a copycat and unoriginal band. As mentioned previously, the musicianship is first rate, with the band showing a real degree of technical prowess underneath all the brutality. Refreshing to hear from a young UK band. Four tracks of technical and brutal extreme death/black metal, 'The Insufferable Darkness' is an outstanding e.p that shows a band with huge potential to go onto bigger and better things. This release was free with Terrorizer Magazine, so many people reading this will have already heard it. If you haven’t, get a copy, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended
8.5 out of 10

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