Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Scordatura - Torment Of The Weak

Self Released 2012
1.Necromantic Disposition 2.Visceral Disembowelment 3.Neurotic Aberattion
4.Torment Of The Weak 5.Back To Crack 6.Incestual Convulsion
7.Sutured Flesh 8.From Chin To Hole
As is so usual for a death metal album, Scordatura have chosen to go down the 'Horror Movie' sampled intro which rather than sounding old and cliched actually sets a really foreboding atmosphere and introduces the music to 'Necromantic Disembowlement' very well. Their sound is influenced massively by U.S Death metal with heavy as fuck guitars accompanied by some really frantic drumming. Musically there is a real groove to the bands sound, especially when the pace is dropped to a slower, sludgy crawl. They do mix paces well, moving from slower sections all the way through to rabid blast beat laden passages which gives the band a sound not unlike U.S veterans Malevolent Creation. 'Visceral Disembowlement' follows and opens up in a barrage of blast beats and follows on in similar fashion to the opener, mixing paces well with the groove based death metal at the core of the bands sound. As the track develops the pace is dropped somewhat, the band preferring to utilise the slower themes which actually gives the song a really morbid sound. 'Neurotic Aberation' has a much more frantic feel, jumping crazily all over the place without losing its heavy death core. A relatively short song it ends on the frantic theme and jumps perfectly into title track 'Torment Of The Weak' which carries on the crazed and frantic sound. The song has a real sense of urgency to it and sees the faster blast beat sections being introduced in short, sharp bursts before returning to the slower, groove laden heavy death metal sections. Another relatively short track it is over in a flash.
'Back To Crack' is another slower to mid-paced track which sees the U.S death metal influence in full swing, pinch harmonics prevalent as are the comparsions to Malevolent Creation once again. Dipping under the three minute mark, its another short, sharp lesson is bludgeoning death metal that leaves you pummelled into the ground. There is no let up in the barrage as 'Incestual Convulsion' blasts straight in and once again its another absolutely pummelling track that gives the listener little respite from the sonic mauling Scordatura are dishing out. 'Sutured Flesh' carries on the theme heard in the six songs before it but with a much more old school death metal feel to it. Vocally the majority of the album has been filled with guttural death metal vocals that have been accompanied with the higher screamed style sporadically, but here vocalist Daryl mixes the vocals a lot more. Dual vocals are used throughout much of the song which although nothing new, really adds a new edge to the bands sound, giving them an almost 'deadly feel. Last (bonus) track 'From Chin To Hole' ends this debut album extremely well, utilising all of the bands influences and sounds heard throughout the seven previous tracks very well. The track ends with an almost 'epic' feel to it, the guitar harmonies used to end things start to  become extremely catchy. It has taken these Scottish bruisers some time to release their debut album, but the wait was most definitely well worth it. From start to finish this album batters you into submission with its (musical) chewed up bloody stump. Heavily influenced by U.S death metal, it shows a band that have produced a fantastic death metal album and whilst it may not be anything completely new, the intensity and heaviness captured within all eight songs is more than enough to make this album stand out. Brutal, intense and pounding, this album was worth the wait and comes well recommended.
7.5 out of 10

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