Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Deathisodes - Inside The Universe Of Horror

UKEM Records 2013
1.Dead Arising (Quantum Mix) 2.For Chaos Is Master 3.Black Virus
4.Whitechapel Mystery 5.Hellbound 6.Installation 4 7.Spectral Wasteland
8.Silenced To Decay 9.Project Omega 10.Nexus Of Fear 11.Age Of Atrophy
12.When Death Walks Behind
Review by Pagan Tordengrav (Pagan Hel Reviews)
In June 2012, The Deathisodes released their first album 'Destructive Patterns of Creation'. Now only a year down the line, the project already have a second album out, featuring over 20+ guest musicians hand picked from the UK Extreme metal underground, "Inside the Universe of Horror" was released on the 21st June 2013. With new influences and inspired by the future, gaming, history and a number of others, this album takes the project onto a whole new level. 'Dead Arising' is highly infectious and the opening is intriguing, building superbly into a monumental structure of melodic ambience and powerfully energetic riffs with the added raw scathing vocals they savagely attack the aural making the whole track  intense and anthemic. The keyboard tones add a real depth to the array of immense sound and this is a superb track on which to open with, it really sets the pace for the remainder of the album. ‘For Chaos Is Master’ is powerfully intense, laced with heavy rhythmic surges of punchy riffs and swirling keyboards. Growling fiercely it simply explodes into a simple savagery that will eat you from the inside out. The intensity is abrasive, from just the guitars alone! The drumming is immense and together it is just one powerhouse of compelling and energetic sound. ‘Black Virus’ is moody and angry, this screeches its way into the aural cavities and gives the listener some caustic bites to chew on. Feverishly frenzied, its rhythms hit you like a tidal wave of deep melodic and hypnotic venom. I love the keyboards and the harmonies that blend flawlessly into one gigantic and provocative track. ‘Whitechapel Mystery’ features superb twisting rhythms that come bounding at you. It is truly hypnotic and breath taking, stroking the senses with fire and is ferociously strong. It is solid in precision, vocally huge and will literally encompass the listener from the hungry melodic passages to the mesmerising riffs – this literally challenges all the senses.
‘Hellbound’ features powerful drumming and a peppering of keys as it engages with a ferocity of melodic wash that is very up tempo. It harbours a moody undertone that simply consumes you.  The thick rhythms are highly satisfying and rewarding and the guitar riffs are something else! This is abrasive and will literally rip the flesh from the bone. ‘Installation 4’ has swirling ambient keys which give that dark foreboding and ominous presence as the guitar and drums blend seamlessly into a symphonic structure of potent rhythms. This is highly intense and seductive. It is superbly energetic and embellished with deep brooding sophistication. ‘Spectral Wasteland’ is intimidating and striking at the same time, the drumming is a fast array of solid bullets that fire in quick succession and the vocals are damningly brutal.  The quirky little keyboard rhythms, be it brief, just gives you a reminder that they are there, whilst the power of the guitar is caustic. This is a very emotive track that houses a lot of intensity and won’t take much for the listener to be overwhelmed in its creative impacting beauty. ‘Silenced To Decay’ is a really invigorating listen, this track is awash with a deep thumping rhythm that immediately gets into the blood and hypnotically transforms you to obey what it literally compels you to do. The hooked riffs and powerful drumming with strong bass sucks you into its magnitude of blended sounds, whilst the growling vocals sit perfectly over the monumental riffs; an absolutely amazing track. ‘Project Omega’ is dark slow to begin and the ambient tones bubble under the surface until you can feel it simply bursting to break free of its restraints as it builds. The drumming quickens your heart beat and on cue it will bring you out in a sweat. Caustic growling delivers with an extreme roar of energy and will have you drooling. This track builds so high it is hard to imagine it ever coming down from its cloud of perfection. ‘Nexus of Fear’ begins with the ominous and ambient brooding of deep waves with a strong and forceful drum beat that pounds solidly to a crescendo of a harmonious and haunting voice. Intense and exciting it builds steadily creating real intrigue as to what is going to happen next and... Cleverly ripped from your ears just as it is about to explode – what a teasing track! Next up,
‘Age of Atrophy’ and if this was a nuclear blast you would be dead! This is just so powerful. Vocally spiteful with demonic gnarly growls and devilish riffs that have no thought for sentiment will literally slay you with damning ferocity and total annihilation. So satisfying it hurts because you don’t want it to end! This track could spark a riot in no uncertain terms. ‘When Death Walks Behind’ incorporates softer strings that start in an intriguing but melancholic array, twisting, swirling rhythms build and then dissipate with a shrill screech. It houses a beautifully intense hypnotic feel that immediately sparks the imagination with a dark melodic swathe and is absolutely superb giving the listener something good to bask in. To Sum up, it does not get any better than this! – Superb from start to finish. Not only does it seduce you it also mesmerises and compels with ferocity and yet still caresses with a highly intense and predatory feel. This album deserves your full on enthusiasm and aggressive energy in return for the amazing array of musicianship portrayed in every riff and rhythm. Highly intense in unbridled skill and passion it just oozes perfection from every pore. I am in awe of every one of these talented musicians and urge everyone to listen and buy this album with extreme urgency. The desire to listen over and over again is compelling
10 out of 10
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