Thursday, 7 November 2013

Abhorrent Decimation - Infected Celestial Utopia

Cold Birth Records 2013
1.Monolith Of Destruction 2.A Putrid Vision 3.End Of Days
4.Towards The Gateway 5.Infected Celestial Utopia
There’s a definite statement of intent as ‘Monolith Of Destruction’ smashes out of the speakers, a raging snarling death metal monster ready to take your fucking head off. This is Abhorrent Decimations debut e.p, but you wouldn’t guess it from this opening track. Having said that, the band features some seasoned veterans from the UK underground so you would expect the standard to be high, which it is! Jumping from rabid death metal sections into massive, heavy breakdowns seamlessly, this opening track has a lot to offer and as mentioned, definitely lets you know what the band are all about. ‘A Putrid Vision’ follows on in similar fashion, only here machine gun blast beats are used to really up the pace which in turn adds a new dimension to the band’s sound. From a vocal perspective, it’s as you would expect – extremely well executed guttural death metal vocals that really bellow and spew hatred and anger. These are backed up by higher screamed vocals, which are actually used quite a lot and give the vocal delivery that extra dimension and really make them stand out. Although blast beats are introduced, they are used sparingly, the song remaining mid-paced for much of its duration.
‘End Of Days’ is another crushing slab of brutal death metal. Unusually, it’s not so much the music that makes this track brutal, rather the vocals, again been at the forefront of the song, delivering a tirade of aggression and being quite high up in the mix, probably gives them that extra punch. ‘Towards The Gateway’ however is a much angrier affair, the pace upped to full throttle without the use of the blast beats initially. The mix of the faster death metal and another powerful vocal performance really makes this song stand out. Blast beats are introduced sporadically, and when used, really add a potent and dangerous edge to the band’s sound, mainly due to the tightness of their execution – utterly devastating and definitely the stand out track of the e.p! Closing this debut offering is the title track, ‘Infected Celestial Utopia’ which begins life in an absolutely crazed fashion, the riffing and drumming working together brilliantly whilst sounding ‘almost’ out of control, but in a great, technical, almost progressive way. The band are also at their catchiest on this closing track, the chants of “Infected Celestial Utopia” really begin to get stuck inside the listeners head, especially as the track draws to a close and the pummelling double kick drums are introduced to accompany the catchy chorus lines and guide the track to its conclusion. Abhorrent Decimation have produced an absolute Death Metal monster with their debut release and their pedigree as talented musicians really shows in the standard of their playing which results in five fantastic tracks. Brutal, tight and with an massive production, ‘Infected Celestial Utopia’ is an extremely impressive debut release that really has to be on your “to get” list if you haven’t snagged a copy already – comes very highly recommended.
8.5 out of 10
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