Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hex Morbidity - Evangelical

Self Released (Demo) 2013
1.Oblivious To All 2.Make The Suffer 3.Silence Or Slaughter
Debut demo from Swansea’s Hex Morbidity is self-described as “a sinister combination of old school black and death metal, with proto-extreme thrash influences spilling into the mix” which is an extremely accurate description. As soon as opening track ‘Oblivious To All’ spews forth horribly, it is monstrously old school from the outset, the mix of old school death metal and thrash metal riffing suiting the dirty production perfectly. It’s simple, straightforward no frills bestial black death metal which is catchy whilst remaining the right side of horrible. Vocally its gruffly growled death metal vocals with the occasional high pitched screams used as backing, which actually really stand out and add to the gloomy atmosphere. Great opening track! ‘Make Them Suffer’ continues on in a similar vein, slightly more up tempo and with even more catchiness oozing from the speakers. Again, it’s the simplicity to the music which enhances its appeal. It’s not trying to be anything but old school, nasty and ultimately a homage to an era long past. Citing an influence as Autopsy, it’s definitely clear to hear here, this music comes spewing forth straight from the graveyard, worshipping at an unholy blackened altar.
Closing the demo is ‘Silence Or Slaughter’ which offers up more of what we’ve heard previously, which is as you would expect anyway! No massive surprises here other than a heavier and more doom infused beginning to the song which soon breaks into an up tempo old school thrash section, almost (dare I say it) old metallica-esque in sound, only a lot dirtier and much more nasty and evil sounding. It’s actually very refreshing to hear such a young band playing this style of music, which is a big fuck off to trends, scenes and not giving a fuck about genres and what is current. Morbid, old school blackened death metal that sounds like its rotten corpse was buried in the early nineties and has just been freshly exhumed to spread its rotting flesh and rotten stench, this three track demo is an excellent first effort, slightly rough around the edges, but that’s part of its charm. It comes well recommended and let’s just hope the follow up sounds just as horrible!
7.5 Out of 10
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