Monday, 16 December 2013

Necrosis - Catatonic Psychosis

Self Released 2013
1.Congenital Abnormality 2.Ruptured And Bleeding
3.Human Abattoir 4.Chainsawodmy 5.Catatonic Psychosis
The cover art for the debut e.p. from Bristol based brutal death metal outfit Necrosis leaves nothing to the imagination and leaves you in no doubt as to what to expect musically. Following the short sampled intro, ‘Congenital Abnormality’ bursts open unmercifully in an overwhelming torrent of rabid death metal. Speed is optimised throughout much of this opening track, frantic guitars accompany so manic blast beat leaden drumming which sounds utterly devastating and pummels instantly. There’s a definite feel and sound of Aborted mixed with U.S death metal on display which works exceptionally well. What an introduction to the band, showing massive amounts of promise in this opener. ‘Ruptured And Bleeding’ follows on in a similar theme, absolutely manic, twisted guitars set a ferocious pace and are once again supported by some outstanding drum work. Vocally there are no surprises, harsh and brutally growled death metal vocals bark out malevolence with ease and are backed up every so often with higher, manic screams, sounding not to dissimilar to Gorerotted when the dual vocals are unleashed. ‘Human Abattoir’ is another absolutely massive song; the pace adopted is punishing and very rarely lets up and it’s very much about the speed, in fact its all about the speed!! . When the band do up the pace it sounds extremely tight, they are all obviously well practiced in the rehearsal room! Although the songs are all about speed, the pace is dropped sporadically and when it is adds such heaviness to the songs that it almost draws every last breath from your body. As mentioned, these sections aren’t used very often and the band then return to the familiar faster blast beat heavy sections.
‘Chainsawdomy’ is so fucking brutal, every member seemingly pushing their playing abilities to the absolute limit here, and ability they have, in absolutely massive amounts. There’s such a brutal catchiness to the faster riffs and many bands in a similar genre could learn a lot (from these guys) about writing good, solid death metal songs. The break in the middle of song works very well and adds something extra to the track; the chainsaw samples might be slightly clichéd but in amongst death metal as nasty as this, sound perfect! Closing the e.p. is the title track, ‘Catatonic Psychosis’ and what a way to end things on. It’s another blasting example of the band at full throttle and really wanting to close on a high, which they do. Reading the bands biography the say “Necrosis aims to make a major impact on the death metal scene over the forthcoming months” and they weren’t wrong. Catatonic Psychosis is as good a death metal release as you are likely to hear for quite some time and given that it is the band’s debut release makes it all the more impressive. Some bands struggle to write well-constructed and memorable death metal songs, Necrosis appear to do it with an ease that will bode well for future releases. This e.p. is one of those releases that punches you square in the jaw, then picks you up, dusts you off, and then punches you even harder leaving you speechless and bleeding….but wanting even more punishment. If you consider yourself to be a death metal fan, then this is a must. Yet another UK band producing a genre-leading release, this e.p. comes extremely highly recommended.
9 Out Of 10
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