Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Obscene - Architects Of Deliverance

UKEM Records 2013
1.Sonderkommando 2.Spawned From Ignorance 3.Of Feeble Minds And Weakness
4.Nex Necis 5.Dreaming The Obscure 6.Carrion Feast
7.Dawn Of Suffering 8.The Heretics Fork 9.The Man The Martyr
10.Architects Of Deliverance 11.Worlds Ablaze
Review by Aaron 'Kingsize' Waters
This is the band's first full length & I must say, a bloody good one. It has that sort of sound that isn't exactly easy to pin point and say "Oh yeah, they sound like that other bloody band, what's their face!", no, this is one where you get your digits out and try to work it out a little bit. I mean, I'm not going to sit here and say that it's unique or anything, but it's certainly different. It's very old fashioned styled death metal by all counts, but has slight black metal elements to it too. However, it's not blackened death either! It's got thrash under it's belt n'all! And just when you think it's hit every note, bam! They hit you with some old school slams!
Don't get me wrong though, this album is far from perfect. Some might say the production isn't up to scratch, but for me (personally) I like a bit of rough and tumble in the mix. However, I will say the spoken-word part of the album was a bit too cheesy for me and at some points it sounds like there may be a few timing issues. But other than that, it's a pretty solid release. The artwork is fantastic and the all-round musicianship is it pretty much all you can ask from a band and then some! Very talented lads and extremely good at what they do. So if you're a fan of Suffocation's "Effigy" era with a bit of a european Black Metal twang then I'd say this is pretty much the album for you.
7 Out of 10
Band Page: Here
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