Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cultfinder Interview

UKEM caught up with Black Thrashing horde Cultfinder to discuss all manner of topics surrounding their take on Black Metal.

Whos’ Who in Cultfinder and what is their role?
I'm Rob Himself and I handle vocals, guitar and write the majority of the songs, Necroskull throws down the bass gauntlet and occasionally chucks some riffs in and Wilbers is a ridiculously killer drummer who gives us our chaotic energy. Necroskull and Wilbers also play in Witchsorrow and Wilbers in XII Boar too, so they're pretty busy!

Lyrically, what are the bands inspirations and what topics do you deal with?
I started out wanting to do a black-metal band around an English historical concept, but gave that up before even writing anything, so it's basically just Satan and hellfire. I try to mention Beelzebub as many times as possible in every song.

 There’s a definite old school vibe to your sound, where do you guys draw influence from?
The main influences are Nifelheim and the first few Bathory albums, but also a bit of Venom, Sarcofago, recent Darkthrone and more bestial metal like Black Witchery and Blasphemy.

You have released a demo on tape, how has this been selling?
Pretty well! We got 50 copies done and minus 10 or so promos we've got a handful left 6 months later, so not bad.

Why was the decision taken to release a tape rather than cd or digital download?
It would never be anything other than tape. The next demo might be on CD-R, as it's easy, but I'd rather put out another tape or step up to vinyl with our next release.

What has reaction been like to the demo, favourable reviews?
Yeah had a few good ones including your good selves. Sent copies out to magazines as well but never seen anything in there. I've never been too hot on self-promotion, so I think the majority of our growth has been word of mouth which I prefer in a way. One dude bought five tapes and just gave them to his mates as they were so cheap!

Do you guys gig and what can we expect from you live?
Played two shows so far - one local gig at a youth club to test the waters, then our first proper show was in Birmingham last month with Necro Ritual and a host of killer bands. Went down much better than expected, people were singing along to songs they'd never heard which is what I like to see! Our live show is pretty straight up thrashing terror, minus the usual corpse paint and spikes, which doesn't really suit three middle class lads from Hampshire. I'm ugly enough! Someone at the Brum gig thought we were going to be an AC/DC tribute band! I guess we don't look quite right - hopefully that'll make us stick out.
Merch is always popular, what does CF have for sale and how / where can we get hold of it?
We haven't got the cash or the following for shirts or anything yet, but if it counts as merch, you can get the last few tapes for a mere one pound at

What are your thoughts on the current underground BM scene and do you feel a part of it?
A few months ago I would have said no, I wasn't sure people would ever catch on to what we're doing, but lately, particularly after the Birmingham gig, things are picking up and the scene - which is still a pretty small one, revolving around a handful of decent, credible bands: Funeral Throne, Necro Ritual, Craven Idol etc - seems to have taken us under its wing a bit. We've got a gig coming up in London in December which feels like its going to be pretty awesome.

Thanks once again for speaking with us. Any last words you wish to share with our readers?
Keep it steel! Black thrashing terror eternal!

Cultfinder - The Devil's Whore by cultfinder

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