Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blind Spite - Dethrone The Earth

Self Released 2011

1.Oblivion Embraced 2.Epoch Of Despondency 3.This Is Our Abomination
4.Deus 5.Dethrone The Earth

Cumbria’s Blind Spite open this e.p by blasting with an ice cold and frozen feel; ‘Oblivion Embraced’ arriving with hyper fast black metal guitars and drums which destroy everything in a harsh sonic barrage, taking you by surprise; alebit a very welocome surprise. An extremely fast pace is set throughout, mixing black metal and death metal to great effect. The riffing borders on the frenzied, guitars not giving the song time to ‘settle in’, which is only right. It’s a whirlwind of brutality, the mix of DM and BM just right, creating a very brutal and very interesting sound. Nothing unique but the pace and feel of the song keep the listener well engaged, not been given any time to take breath. ‘Epoch of Despondency’ again mixes the two styles of extreme metal really well, giving the track a very Swedish Black/Death sound, riffs becoming very melodic and memorable (think Gates of Ishtar, The Moaning). We also see the band at their most Death Metal on this track, becoming extremely heavy in places, but then the BM element is re-introduced, the two styles creating great variety. Tempos are then slowed to a minimum, the bands more melodic edge on display which again works really well in amongst the more BM riffing.
‘This Is Our Abomination’ begins with an almost heavy metal intro,  a little surprising as the track then takes on the familiar blackened death metal feel. The really fast tremolo picked riffs extremely catchy and working well with the screamed BM stlye vocals. It’s fair to say that some of the riffs start to become ‘epic’, real passion has obviously been put into writing this song. The varied use of vocal stlyes works especially well in this track, both styles fitting well over all of the riffing, the majority of the riffs being in the BM vein. Opening up somewhat clumsily is ‘Dues’. Somehow the intro to the track doesn’t work but fortunately the track then regains it’s composure and we are treated to some more of the bands excellent blackened death metal – or should that be deathened black metal, as the BM side to the bands sound seems to be the dominant feature. This is quite an unusual track, the tempo slowed somewhat and a dischordant guitar solo used to end the track. As with the beginning of ‘Deus’, the end of the track didn’t really feel right, almost sounding out of place but not especially wrong.
Blind Spite - Oblivion Embraced
 Luckily title track ‘Dethrone The Earth’ saves this e.p. from ending on a low, the blasting BM opening the track up to the epic sound found earlier in previous tracks. A relentless pace is set, the song starting to sound very Absu-ish and showing real promise. Unexpectadly the track changes tempo abruptly and we are greeted by melodic guitars and drums (as so heavily used by Norwegian BM titans Immortal). Unfortunaltey it just sounds like Immortal, only not quite as well structured and played which is unfortunate as it began with such promising start. Things do end on a high however, returning to the bands familiar BM and DM sound rather than copying someone elses. If you enjoy ice cold BM with DM added for variety, you will really enjoy this well played e.p. There may be a few minor negative points, but these are far out-weighed by the overall positives on display. If the band release more of the same with a little more refining, they won’t go far wrong. Comes very professionally packaged for a band who  have self released it and also comes recommended.
7 out of 10

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  1. just thought i would mention the opening riff to Deus has been reworked =)