Monday, 29 August 2011

Wizard's Beard - Pure Filth

PsycheDOOMelic Records 2011

1.Paint The Skies 2.Hemorrhage 3.Parasite 4.Wizard's Beard 5.The Albatross

It’s really refreshing to hear something a bit different, something that differs from the norm and that’s exactly what Wizard’s Beard are doing, creating music which is a bit different. The bands moniker might put some people off, expecting what is perceived to be the norm, the usual Doom reference points might spring to mind. This would be very bad judgement as WB are creating something very nasty indeed. ‘Paint The Skies’ bellows out, spewing pure hatred via Chris’ vocal delivery. Tortured, despairing and tormented probably best describe his singing, being almost black metal in their delivery. That probably best sums up the music as well, very heavy doom laden riffs crawling desperately searching for salvation but only finding more torment. Think doom can’t be extreme? Think again, this is doom, but it’s as extreme as many of the death and black metal bands within the UK extreme metal scene.
‘Hemorrhage’ starts with a more groovy, rock orientated pattern, the song almost ‘bounces’ along, some of the riffs showing a Kiss influence. Remarkably short, clocking in at only 1:47 which was another nice surprise, a bit different! ‘Parasite’ returns to heavy, nasty doom laden sound, the bass especially showing through in this track and when the guitars drop out to leave the bass to do its thing, it’s heavy, nasty, dirty and suffocating. As ever, the vocals remain the dominant feature to this e.p. spewing their tormented messages. There some great variation vocally on this track, deep guttural death metal style vocals used to back up Chris’ spite laden rasp. Reminiscent of slower Soilent Green perhaps. ‘Wizards Beard’ see the band returning to the more rock orientated sound and due the tone and heaviness of the guitars the song begins to take on a Southern Rock feel, again reminiscent of Soilent Green amongst others. Another surprise is that the tempo is upped in places, venturing into mid-paced territory and with the use of the guttural backing vocals almost sounds death metal.
Final track ‘The Albatross’ sees the band at their most doom inspired, the track crawling and scratching along at funeral doom pace. Heavy as fuck guitars being tortured to create some depressive and exhausting riffs. The tone of the guitars are really allowed to breathe life into the song (or should that be death given the mood WB are creating!) Again the vocals only adding to the sense of despair. Variation is once again added by upping the pace and using the death metal style backing vocals, a real sinister section before the track ends by returning to the slow, doom crawl. This e.p. will appeal to a broad range of extreme metal fans, the doom heads will love the music, the pace. The death and black metal fans will ‘get’ the vocal delivery. If you like extreme metal and are looking for something a bit different, then look no further – there’s doom, there’s rock, there’s even a bit of death metal….inspiring stuff and well recommended.
7.5 out of 10

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