Monday, 29 August 2011

Diathesis - The Inception

Self Released 2011

1.Mute Telepath 2.Embrace The Mutilation 3.Hematolagnia
4.Caustic Mind Condition 5.Prosthetic Collective 6.Parasitic Symbiosis

Technical, brutal and frenzied death metal greets your unsuspecting ears when the play button is pressed, a whirlwind of precisely executed extreme metal flying from the speakers. It’s a great start to opener ‘Mute Telepath’, however things take an altogether more melodic approach half way through the track. Instruments are stripped down to a minimum to create a very strange atmosphere, the song almost ‘stalling’ due to the change in pace. However, the pace then returns to the track, the frenzied riffing and blast beat heavy drumming brings the track back to life, ending it on a high. ‘Embrace The Mutilation’ begins with an old school feel, but then sets a blistering pace, technical in its structure, guitar riffs sweeping from one to the other with maximum effect. Reminiscent of Malevolent Creation in places, there’s an American death metal influence on show. For all the bands technical prowess and ability, there’s also an undercurrent of old school death metal, the slower passages especially reminiscent of death metal ‘from back in the day’, the sound being stripped bare with guitars and drums being played simply, but effectively.
 ‘Hematolagnia’ offers the listener something different, more old school riffing opens this track up, but then a black metal influence shows through and the melodic edge to the bands sound again on show. The mix of old school, melodic death metal and BM gives this track a great deal of variety, being a very well played and really well written song. ‘Caustic Mind Condition’ again reminds us that Diathesis aren’t a one trick pony and have a great deal of variety to their song writing. With a lot of technical death metal riffs on show here, the blasting drums are the perfect backing to guitars, giving the track an almost Altar-esque (Holland) sound. The band members are obviously accomplished musicians which really shows through. Vocally, this disc is first class, remaining guttural throughout and backed sparsely by screamed vocals which keeps things interesting.
Closing this e.p. is ‘Parasitic Symbiosis’, very atmospheric, acoustic guitars almost Latin in their sound which are drenched in echo and backed up by simple drum work. This track see’s the band at their most brutal, the drumming a blur of frenzied and extreme blast beats, guitars heavy as hell and again the American Death metal style is mixed with Swedish style riffing to create on hell of a sound and a fitting finale to this excellent e.p. The ‘overly loud’ guitar solo towards the end of the song was unnecessary, feeling slightly out of place amongst all the brutality, but that’s a minor negative point in an e.p. full of positives. Diathesis have the mix of brutality and melody just right, the brutality the overriding element with the melody taking a back seat, used sparingly but to great effect when needed. Technical death metal with some melody to keep things interesting, well recommended

7.5 out of 10

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