Saturday, 6 August 2011

Depraved Plague - Promo 2011

Self Released 2011

1.Self Conceited 2.Deviant

For a 2 track promo this cd has an excellent production, opening track ‘Self Conceited’ hits you in the face full force, brutal death metal from the offset. Bass heavy, every instrument is worked to maximum effect. The guitars are a mix of U.S and Swedish death metal inspired riffing. These two tracks would sit comfortably on a full length cd, the production matching anything on offer from more established bands with labels and studio budgets. The Guitar tone is first class and suits the more melodic riffs prefectly. Tempos are changed in an instant, flashing from all out brutality to a sludge infested crawl yet still remaining extreme. Musicianship is first rate, all handling their instruments well. Second track ‘Deviant’ is very similar to the opening track, with some added melody, one of the main riffs to the song is so catchy, the guitar work reminiscent of some of the older Swedish death metal bands such as Dismember and Hypocrisy. But, this isn’t old school at all, it has a real modern sound and feel, intelligent song structures which aren’t overly complicated but very enjoyable nonetheless.
 Vocally it is a no frills affair, a rasping death metal voice which suits the music perfectly, no dual vocal overuse here. It’s just a real shame DP only have two tracks to tempt us with because the songs are really good, but aren’t very long, so no sooner have you pressed play then you are pressing eject (or play again, depending on how much you like it). Hopefully DP are busy writing new material, because if it’s as good as these two tracks, their next releases promises to be something special. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.
7.5 out of 10

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