Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dr.Aids - Drive Me To Kill You

Fred Westlife Incorporated 2011

1.Shit Eating Freak 2.Simply Cunt 3.Drive Me To Kill You 4.Fellate My Phallus
5.Stiff And Blue Screw 6.Thats Why Dads Go To Iceland
7.Katie Price Fuck Off To Jordan 

Dr.Aids, possibly one of the UK’s most un-pc bands, but bands of an extreme nature tend to throw two fingers up towards the politically correct elite. ‘Shit eating freak’ opens up this festival of bad taste. Punk in essence, simple guitar structures are based around simplistic, caveman drumming. Elements of death metal and grind are also present drum wise, blast beats used sparingly to add variety and pace to the tracks. ‘Simply Cunt’ lowers the tone even further, but in a good way. Its crude, its rude, plenty of swearing to be had from the dual vocals of Agz and Butch. The vocals are a real highlight, varying styles used, from shouting, to guttural death metal growls, to screamed high pitched insults.
There are definite hints of Macabre to Dr.Aids sound, although they are just hints, nothing more. Its in the way the songs are structured, both musically and vocally where the band are reminiscent of Macabre. ‘Drive Me To Kill You’ has an excellent main riff, fast and furious it gives the song a real brutal feel, the bands grind influence on show. ‘Stiff And Blue Screw’  has a real punk / crust feel to it, setting a blistering pace to start but then venturing into the more familiar punk orientated riffing. ‘And That’s Why Dads Go To Iceland’ is probably the most Grind orientated track, blast beats used to end the track in a grinding haze of crudeness. The lyrics to all the tracks are truly inspiring and amusing, Agz being the author of these slices of utter depravity (“Katie why don’t ya fuck off and die, or I can shoot you in the eye, but not with my cum. I’d rather fuckin die than sleep with you”).
Production matches the lyrical theme, being dirty and nasty but clear enough for each instrument to hold its own. The band have a real D.I.Y work ethic and this shows through on the cd, punk as fuck but with enough bite to hold the attention of extreme metallers. ‘Katie Price Fuck Off To Jordon’ is inspired, not only for the lyrics, but the overall delivery of the track, the dual vocals working excellently on the choruses. The easily offended should stay well clear, all others should give this a listen. It reminds you of why you got into extreme music in the first place. Its not politically correct, its really fucking crude, its punk/death/grind nastiness. And it has a song with ‘Cunt’ in the title, worth the cost of the cd alone! You will feel used and abused, dirty and humiliated after listening this, but I have a feeling that’s what the band want – dirty c***s (that’s for Agz!!) Recommended.
7 out of 10

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  1. Ha ha cheers anyone wanting the cd should contact us via our facefuck page its only 2.50 English sterling. Postage depends where you live try it out at bandcamp for a free listen