Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Foul Body Autopsy - Pathology

Self Released 2011

1.Left To Rot 2.Exhumed 3.Reduced To Puss 4.Mince The Flesh 5.Pathology
6.Flayed And Displayed 7.Mutilating 8.To Dismember
1.The Beholder 2.Synthetic Esistence 3.What Ever May 4.Deception 5.The Eternal

Another one man band hailing from the UK, this time it is Foul Body Autopsy, the man behind this killing machine being Tom Reynolds. Right from the outset FBA are taking no prisoners at all, brutal and blasting death metal driving hard from the speakers at full force. For all the brutality on show, there is also a massive dose of melody, the guitar riffs to opener ‘Left To Rot’ being very memorable and catchy. Second track ‘Exhumed’ lasts all of 43 seconds and has black metal written all over it, guitars shredding ice cold riffs supported by blasting drums. Very different to the opening track but it certainly doesn’t feel out of place. Vocals are changed to harsh black metal screaming throughout the songs short, but violent length.
 The death metal barrage is then resumed over the next few tracks, especially on ‘Pathology’ and ‘Flayed and Displayed’, being only 50 seconds and 20 seconds respectively. Tom is obviously at great ease producing these short, sharp slabs on precisely executed death/grind because they work really well and add variety amongst the longer lasting tracks. ‘To Dismember’ takes the grind element to the extreme, being only 6 seconds long, hardly worth the bother you might think, but it works amongst all of the brutality and chaos! Musically there is a heavy U.S death metal influence to the sound with the guitar work being very intricate and technical at times and with an added progressive edge there’s no danger of predictability creeping in. The only predictable slant being the excellent delivery of each track. There is also a European feel to a lot of the riffing, similar to bands such as Hour of Penance. However brutal proceedings become, Tom always manages to include some melody into the tracks which allows the tracks to open up and not become one dimensional.
Foul Body Autopsy - Left To Rot
The vocal delivery helps to add to the brutality, on the whole being guttural but with added screamed, backing vocals which adds variety and increases the overall appeal. Drum programming can often be an issue with the whole one man band thing. However, the production of the drums is excellent. Yes, it does sound like programmed drums, but only every so often, especially when the double kicks go into overdrive. Other than these few exceptions, they sound reasonably ‘human’ and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a talented extreme metal drummer joining Tom to cause havoc. Thirteen tracks in only 20 minutes – a whirlwind of precisely played, technical death / grind all executed by one man, impressive stuff! More impressive is that Tom reproduces this destruction live, gigging a lot and even winning a place at Bloodstock 2011 for his efforts. Well worth your time and support.
7.5 Out of 10


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