Friday, 26 August 2011

Cultfinder - Demo 2011

Self Released 2011

1.All Conquering Death 2.The Devil's Whore 3.The Scorging Angel 4.Witching Curse

An unholy blackened thrash assault blasts forth straight from the pits the hell, with the emphasis being placed heavily on thrash. ‘All Conquering Death’ opens this demo up and introduces us to Cultfinder’s racket. There’s a simplicity to the song structure which is endearing to the sound and the rawness of the music. Black metal style vocals layered with reverb and echo creates the ‘blackened’ element to the band’s sound, spewing messages of Beer and Satan (great combination!!). The band describe themselves as black metal, but not really in the ‘traditional’ sense of the term, the guitar riffs taking their influence heavily from thrash, but a very filthy and ugly thrash sound. Dare I say that some of the riffs in this opening track might be raw, filthy and rotten, but are also very ‘catchy’ and very well written! Satan will be pleased with his young disciples \m/ 
‘The Devil’s Whore’ opens up unusually, almost as if none of the band members knew when the song was starting, but if feels right, well planned out, adding to the underground, raw and “fuck you” attitude the band creates. Tempos are mixed, ranging from a filth laden crawl to all out unholy blast, the majority of the songs being in the ‘mid-paced’ bracket, the drumming setting the pace with simple, but effective drum beats. ‘The Scourging Angel’ travels the same well-worn path being very similar to the previous track. Try to imagine a less brutal, but a lot thrashier Black Witchery or Blasphemy and you won’t be far off the mark getting to grips with their sound. The production is horrible, but in a really good way. The guitars are filthy; the bass grinds the hell out of every riff, rumbling horribly along with the percussive horrors that are the drums. The drums are obviously being battered to bits, but are barely audible under the nastiness of the guitars and bass and this is quite clearly intentional and not an error in the studio when mixing this monstrosity. ‘Witching Curse’ closes this demo and doesn’t offer us anything different than we’ve already witnessed in the three previous tracks, which isn’t really a band thing as Cultfinder have created a really great sound, taking heavily from the old school underground black metal classics and adding their own take on it. We’re even treated to a big, heavy metal finish to the last track, fitting given the bands old school and thrash influences. It’s a nasty Satan worshipping, beer drinking black thrash assault. It’s simple, to the point and it’s definitely worth your attention.
7 out of 10

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