Sunday, 14 August 2011

Xenophobic Misogynist - Fritzled Throated And Left To Scaphe

Split w/ Butchered Beyond Recognition (U.S) and Sphinkta Spit (U.K)

1.Gastrointestiphilia 2.Amputee Kung-Fu 3.Zombie 3 Way
4.Ungreasedbackdoorhammertimearsesmashing 5.Bloody Slam Gag
6.Fritzled Throated and Left To Scaphe.

Yet another one man band hailing from these shores, this time round we have Xenophobic Mysogonist, the sicko behind this project being Joe Mawdsely (also drummer in Liverpool based perverts Dr.Aids). This solo project being a world away from his exploits behind the kit with his other band. We are treated to six tracks of brutal slam/grindcore, the slam element to XM’s sound being the predominant feature throughout. ‘Gastrointestiphilia’ starts proceedings, no fancy intros here, no movie samples. A single snare hit introduces the song before blasting into brutal as fuck grindcore. There’s a big dose of groove to XM’s sound, especially when the pace is slowed down, the slam sections showing this groove off superbly. Joe’s vocal range is amazing, ranging from guttural death metal, to pig squeals and everything inbetween. ‘Amputee Kung-Fu’ has an old school grindcore feel to it when the song blasts insanely from the speakers. It then shifts down a gear into some real, full on slam, sick vocals puking all over the riffs. The groove side to XM is again on show, giving an old school, but brutal feel. ‘Zombie 3 Way’ is an all-out brutal affair, blasting drums backing some really brutal guitar work and as ever, Joes sickening voice adding to the songs appeal, his variety and range a real pleasure to listen to.
 ‘Ungreasedbackdoorhammertimearsesmashing’ is next up, all 24 seconds of it, not a brutal, short grind song as you might expect, but instead a 24 second brutal slam fest. Really good for such a short track! ‘Bloody Slam Gag’ is introduced with the use of a movie sample before opening up with the trademark slam so prevelant throughout all the tracks. The track does lose some focus towards it’s ending, sounding chaotic and out of control toward then end. But that was obviously the intention. To end this short e.p. we have ‘Friztled Throated and Left to Scaphe’, more of the same, blast and slam, the blasting, grind element more on show throughout this track. Guitars shred then slam to produce a quality song. Joe programs his drum machine very well, the drums not suffering from over-used hyper speed drumming, but instead used relatively simplistically but well thought out. If Joe ever decides he wants XM to be a full band, then it will be possible for a drummer to reproduce what the programmed drums are doing (to a point) without losing the essence of the songs. Summing up, it grinds, it slams, it’s brutal as fuck and sick as fuck and will be a very enjoyable cd when released as a split.
7 out of 10

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  1. WHAT......(also drummer in Liverpool based perverts Dr.Aids) haha mate I'm past being a pervert just a fucking cunt now !!!! Joe the horny cunt in the band, me & piggy are 43 (Nearly!!!)