Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair - Contraception

Self Released 2011

1.Meet Me By The Fountain 2.Buy Her Flowers 3.Treat Your Woman Right
4.Spooning Song 5.Never Go Dutch 6.Make Sweet Music 7.Ice Cream Song (Two Straws)
8.Be My Valentine 9.Meet Your Mum 10.Courting Song 11.Roses Are Red
12.We All Need Someone

'Contraception' is the debut album from Glasgow based grinders Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair. Searing crazily from the outset, opening track ‘Meet Me By The Fountain’ is a potent and violent affair, the guitars blasting out crazed riffing with a really raw and bass heavy tone. There’s a dirtiness to the guitars which gives them a sludge feel and instantly reminded me of Soilent Green. And on that Soilent Green theme, some of the riffs have that Southern Rock / Grind feel to them, making use of the groove which the Southern Rock influence brings with it. ‘Buy Her Flowers’ again utilises the Southern Rock / Grind element brilliantly, mixing the two perfectly and with added shouting ‘sing-along’ vocals makes for an interesting sound. ‘Treat Your Woman Right’ begins with some almost thrash like vocals which actually reminded me of Nuclear Assault. These vocals making way for the main screamed vocals which are placed over some really frantic guitar work. ‘Spooning Song’ carries the theme of the previous tracks, making the most of blast beats and frenzied riffing. However, there’s some slight change in direction with the guitars and the vocals, the shouted, sing-along vocal sections are re-introduced, working well when layered with the harsh, screamed vocals. A heavy dose of groove is also introduced through the lead guitar work, the main riff being instantly memorable and very catchy. The pace slowed to a crawl to allow the groove to really open the song up and add some variety to proceedings.
‘Make Sweet Music’ see’s the band at their most brutal, insane blast beats over some really crazy vocals all supported by ever grinding, ever groovy riff work. The shorter tracks, ‘Spooning Song’, ‘Ice Cream Soda’ and ‘Courting Song’ all come in at around the 35 second mark and are all pure grind, setting a blistering pace for their short time spans. The end section to ‘Courting Song’ actually has a hint of Macabre to it in the way the vocals are arranged and delivered. These guys wouldn’t look out of place of the Relapse Records roster alongside the likes of Brutal Truth, Soilent Green, Hemdale and Benumb when Relapse was signing bands of that nature. They have ‘that feel’ about them; that ‘Relapse’ feel. Maybe it’s because there is a big dose of ‘Soilent Green’ to their sound (Sewn Mouth Secrets-era). This release is definitely something unique to the UK, a grinding; grooving boiling pot of influences that when mixed, works perfectly and is a must for Southern Rock / Grind fans, highly recommended.
8 out of 10

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