Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Engraved Disillusion - Embers Of Existence

Self Released 2011

1.Wither Away 2.As Life Fades 3.The Forgotten 4.Fragments Of A Memory
5.Disengage 6.Epitaph 7.Embers Of Existence
8.Under Blood Red Skies 9.Unhallowed Eyes 10.Solitude

Industrial intro with winds swirling and metal clashing slowly fades in then out, giving way to catchy, thrashy riffing in opener ‘As Life Fades’. Guitar harmonies and leads used to great effect, this is really catchy melodic thrash tinged death metal. Dual guitar leads working effectively to create an epic atmosphere. Kind of In Flames meets Amon Amarth if any reference points were needed. ‘The Forgotten’ follows a similar structure, more Swedish melodic death metal sounding than the opening track. Already it is obvious the ED know how to write a good song, heavy in essence but also swathed in melody, not afraid to use extremely melodic guitar solos. There’s a real passion on display here. ‘Fragments Of A Memory’ another fine example of a band on top of their game, mixing heaviness and melody perfectly, the melody being at the forefront of this track, dual lead guitars again been used effectively. If you didn’t know better, you’d think these guys were from Sweden, their sound so reminiscent of many a band from that country.

In an age where extremity seems to be everything, where bpm counts and where it’s all about the blast beat, it’s refreshing to hear a band that does actually rely so heavily on melody and catchiness. Tempos remain slow to mid-paced, never needing to be anything but that, the songs and melody do the talking rather than the speed at which the band are playing. ‘Disengage’ is a monster of a track, guitar solos at the forefront of the songs melodic structure. Vocals are used sparingly, taking a back seat to the guitars which are the over-riding important ammunition in the ED arsenal. The emotion and atmosphere captured within the songs is nothing far of outstanding, there’s a real sense of sorrow in some of the lead work. I’ve got a feeling that Toby and Mark had just been dumped by their respective partners just before they wrote the leads to these songs. Emotions all over the place, desperation and despair etched all over the music, mournfully melodic.
 Breakdown is a word which sends shivers running down the spine of many extreme metal fans, and ED do use them, but use them to accompany lead guitar work, so the breakdown doesn’t actually sound like one in truest sense of the term. ‘Under Blood Red Skies’ opens up with some breakdown type riffing, but they are mixed with guitar harmonies, typically Swedish in their sound, so that once again, the breakdown doesn’t actually sound like one, but more like another riff. Time and time again whilst listening to this disc Amon Amarth springs to mind, Chris’ growled and gravelly voice especially reminiscent and the perfect accompaniment to the melodic and heavy guitars. ‘Solitude’ ends the cd, once again all of the bands influences on show, the heavy guitars all backed up with great lead guitar work, the melody and atmosphere taking the song forward (into battle!).When you think you’ve heard the band at their catchiest, they open up with another even catchier melodic riff and guitar solo. Be warned, if you have recently been dumped, don’t get drunk and listen to this…you will cry! That’s the atmosphere and emotions which are being stirred. Faultless production and excellent musicianship, stirring emotions, epic in its delivery, this is melodic death metal at its best and comes very highly recommended.
9 out of 10

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